Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Taking a Break

As may have become apparent i have decided to take a short break from blogging, i dont plan on stopping as i still enjoy doing this but i have decided on talking a short break.

Thank you to all those who have continued to read my blog, your support is appreciated.


Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Halo The Wargame

Last week Spartan Games changed its logo from its traditional crested Spartan helmet to a different kind of Spartan helmet, one more familiar to video gamers and fans of the Halo series.

Speculation flowed on Spartan's forums as to what this meant and Spartan even fuelled the speculation by telling us that there would be a big announcement this week. I woke up this morning to find that there had indeed been a big announcement, Spartan will now be making a fleet based and ground based wargame for Halo and has already produced images of two stater fleets for the UNSC and the Covenent.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Feet First

Colonel Valentin Zeigler stood around the tactical hologram display and gazed down at the map before him. The newly founded 21st Dindrenzi Assault regiment, or “The Red Heads" as they had come to be known, had been tasked with capturing the Aquan/ Terquai science facility located on the planet bellow, the same facility was represented before him in 3D on the display. Around the table stood his regiments officers each one standing to attention as he prepped to address them and give them their orders for the coming fight. “Alright gentlemen here is how we are going to do this” Zeigler began. 

The Battlefield

The Shuttle Yard and Science building

The landing pad and bunkers
 “Lieutenant Cannon your heavy armour will take the centre, you are to focus fire on the heaviest and hardest Aquan tanks you can find.”

“Sergeants Myers and Dawson your Medium tanks are to concrete on Aquan medium and light armour. Light tanks should be your priority as their weapons are their best bet against our drop infantry”

“Corporals Walker and Moody your orders are to secure the two primary objectives located in the science buildings and Aquan shuttle yard,  decide amongst yourselves who will be taking which on.”

“The Infantry will be under my direct command and will be deployed when and where I decide they need to go. Myer’s, Dawson I want you to direct your support tanks to zero in as many drop markers as they can. They are to focus on the markers closest to enemy units”

“Do you all understand your orders?” 

"Sir yes sir" came the reply

"Good, any questions?"

"Sir what about the 2 secondary objectives" said Corporal Walker gesturing at 2 blue icons indicted the secondary objectives.

"We ignore them, our focus is Aqaun tech and data stores which are located in the shuttle yard and science buildings"

Seeing that there were no more questions Zeigler continued

"Alright you all know your orders and your jobs, this is our first mission together and i dont know you all personally yet  but i have read your files. I know that you aren't all followers of the Church of Dramos Angel but those of you who are should pray for success tomorrow, we will need all the luck we can get. Dismissed."

As the officers filed out of the briefing room Zeigler returned his gaze to the holo display, tomorrow would be tough but it was what his men were trained for, come what may tomorrow his regiment would be prepared. 

Monday, 2 February 2015

Operation Blind Strike Part 2

Officially Operation Blind Strike was the success we needed it to be, a example of Dindrenzi might. The truth however is glorious.
-Rachel Wrenlock, Dindrenzi Commander for Sector 024

With Admiral Yount having successfully defeated the Aquan patrol fleet and recovered intel relating to a base of operations for the raiders she made full speed to the location detailed in the Intel. Upon arriving in orbit Yount found the planet devoid of any orbital defences, not wishing to stay too long she instantly ordered Colonel Ziegler to deploy to the planet and destroy the base. She knew that Ziegler would have to act fast as while there were no Aquan ships in orbit yet she knew that the Aquans could quickly redeploy ships and with only the Hitchens currently under her command Yount could not risk another naval engagement.