Thursday, 30 July 2015

The Tales That Really Matter

Previously i have talked about how i listen to a series of online Roleplays done by a twitch streamer called JP, and i have wanted to write more about the shows he produces for the Rollplay Series but what with the upheaval caused by Age of Sigmar this post has been delayed several times. However recently on Rollplay Swansong (a Sci-fi themed Roleplay about being a crew on a space ship, similar to the Rouge Trader RP produced by Fantasy Flight) there was a episode that served as excellent inspiration. With spoiling anything in the episode there were several moments were i felt fear for a player character, so much so that i stopped what i was doing at the time to just stare at the screen and nervously what for each dice roll to show up. To top this all off the show ended in a touching bittersweet way, and i wanted to write a post  to in some way explain why the shows evoke emotional responses as well as urging any readers who are unaware of the series to go and start watching them, you will only benefit from doing so.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

A Pyrrhic Victory

The Universe is vast and infinite but so are the different version of it and there are countless different versions of reality in which events play out differently. So when the Warhammer World was consumed by Chaos this was only one possible outcome, in another reality the End Times never came and perhaps would never come and it is in this reality on this version of the Warhammer World that the following battle is fought. 

The Human settlement was small and unassuming and if you were a casual traveler passing through then you wouldn't pay it any heed, normally however now a casual traveler probably would pay the sleepy little village plenty of heed mainly due to the large Dwarven army camped out near it. Elidyr, a Asrai Spellweaver and more importantly the leader of the Asrai army that had followed the Dwarves here mused that within a few hours casual travelers wouldn't be passing through here much anymore, or that people probably wouldn't use the word "Sleepy" to describe this place after he was done.

Saturday, 25 July 2015

The Forest Must be Fed: Kings of War Battle Report and Review

Welcome, especially Warhammer Fantasy Players, to my review of Mantic’s Kings of War 2nd Edition. Now a few points before I get onto the actual post, this was a 1500 point game of Kings of War played using their free downloadable core rules and their Beta Army list rules. The actual Battle report itself will be narrative report set in the Warhammer World Pre End Times and at the end of the report I will give a review of how the game played from a WHFB player perspective, so this will be a long post and it is recommend you get a drink before going on. As previously mentioned this was a 1500 point game with me as the Elves (Wood Elves) and my opponent playing The Herd (Beastmen), enjoy.

The Universe is vast and infinite but so are the different version of it and there are countless different versions of reality in which events play out differently. So when the Warhammer World was consumed by Chaos this was only one possible outcome, in another reality the End Times never came and perhaps would never come and it is in this reality on this version of the Warhammer World that the following battle is fought. 

Fionn sighed thoughtfully as he gazed upon the clearing and the imposing Herdstone in its midst. He wondered what this place would have been like if the Beastmen had never come here, would it a peaceful and serene clearing in the forest? Would it be camp for Human bandits? He reflected on these possibilities as the army drew itself into position.

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Tournaments For All

There is a stereotype that exists in the wargaming community that annoys me. It paints people who like going to tournaments as people who will always bring the cheesiest lists and will always go for "The Win at all Costs" strategies regardless of how fun the game is for their opponent. Ever since i started back in this hobby in June of 2013 i have been going to tournaments and my experience so far has been the complete opposite. In all the tournament games i have played my opponents have always been friendly and considerate regardless of how well they wanted to place at the end of the event.

One of the best games of WHFB i have ever played was a game of Watchtower at a Tournament

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Let Xenos Kill Xenos

+++++ Message Incoming +++++
+++++ Gamma Level Encryption. Password Required +++++
+++++ *********** +++++
+++++ Password Accepted. Welcome Inquisitor +++++
+++++ Message Begins +++++
+++++  Greetings Inquisitor

We followed the Orks  undetected as per your orders. Their progress was easy to track and we gained valuable insight into the hierarchy of this warband, i have attached all  relevant intelligence to this report for you to review at your leisure. The main point of this message relates to what happened when the warband stopped at a disused Imperial Outpost. The Orks had stopped in order to loot the place of any usable scrap they could find when they found themselves under attack.

The Outpost prior to the arrival of the Orks. Due to their predictable travel path we were able to take picts of it before they arrived.

The Outpost itself

Saturday, 11 July 2015

The Ironhorn Tribe: The Herd Gathers

As Call to Arms 2015 nears i am preparing my Legions of Chaos Tzeentch Army for the event. While it does use the Legions of Chaos list its mainly a Beastmen army with 2 non Beastmen units. Below are some of the models for the completed army.

My Flying Doombull complete with 3+ ward save

Age of Sigmar Army List Advice from GW

Edit: The PDF is unofficial, however its still a way to create army in AOS, which is better than what we had before.

This happened today.

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Raging Against The Rage

One of the most interesting responses to the Age of Sigmar release has been from the people who like and support the game and what makes these responses interesting is how many of them are aggressive and snarky. The defenders of the game seem almost offended by the negative response to the game and thats where they lose me. Sure feel free to like the game but to attack those who don't like goes too far.

Right now every WHFB fan has good justification to feel pissed as the game they liked/loved had been scraped in favor of a kid friendly game littered with holes and flaws (a surprising amount of the for a game with 4 pages of core rules), its not like WHFB fans are being unreasonable when they slam AOS and decry it. And thats why i say that when the defenders of AOS attack those who don't like it they go to far, fans of WHFB have every right to vent at the demise of the game they enjoyed. Of course the same goes for people who don't like the game attacking those who do. Its perfectly alright to like the game and no one should come under attack for simply liking the game.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

After The Launch

Age of Sigmar has arrived and has disappointed many people, i myself only ended up not feeling too down by posting the ridiculous "Talk to your models for bonuses" rules to this very blog. However now the humour is gone and i feel just kinda annoyed, i dont wont to focus on it but GW basically scraped a game that people liked and replaced it with a game that very few people like, all while not talking to their customers about what they wanted. In the aftermath i have seen negative review after negative review slam the game for being a shallow dice fest with none of the tactical depth that 8th edition had. I have read the rules myself and can find very little to interest me in them, what we were given is 4 pages of a game children could play which is great for children but not so great for the rest of us.

Saturday, 4 July 2015

And Now GW Will Troll You

The Warscrolls for Age of Sigmar are out, and..........well see for yourself

I will add more as i find them, behold the new Age of Pisstaking!!!

Thursday, 2 July 2015

What a Week

This post has had many false starts, however i think i now have a proper way to start it. Warhammer Fantasy is dead and in its place is an unbalanced, model focused skirmish game with free rules. That is my summary of the week so far in terms of GW news. Before i go on i just want to say this wont be a angry ranting anti GW post, enough people are doing that right now that i dont feel the need to but also i dont want to, not this time.

I wont be getting into the Age of Sigmar, i dont have the time, money or will to start playing a skirmish game made from the corpse of WHFB. In all likelihood i will be playing games of 8th edition WHFB with my Beastmen and Kings of War 2nd edition with my Beastmen (because Mantic is a great company that has released beta rules for Betasmen in KOW, and every WHFB unit has a  profile in this beta list, they did this for Skaven and Dogs of War as well). There have been a few posts here and there from people who have played games of AOS and from what i have heard the game doesn't interest me, to me Mordheim sounds like a better skirmish game than AOS and if i wanted to play it i could just use my Wood Elves or Beastmen for Warbands.