Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Inepticon Kings of War Tournament

My local Wargames club (The Kapiti Wargames Club) is hosting a Kings of War Tournament on November 28 and 29. Mantic is providing prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. If there are any WHFB players in NZ who want to try out Kings of War this is a good chance to see if its a good replacement for WHFB, provided you either live in NZ or don't mind traveling a fair way.

2 day tournament
All Square bases welcome
Great prizes DIRECT from Mantic games
($40 for late registration)
Kings of war 2nd edition RULE SET
2 days 6 games
Get the player pack and INFO email
NOVEMBER 28 & 29 2015 9.30am - 4.30pm
at the Kapiti community center Ngahina Street, Paraparaumu

More details as well as a email sign up for the player pack here

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Call to Arms Part 1: Cowardly Elves

Welcome to what may be my last 8th edition WHFB tournament report. This time round i decided to do things differently and split the report into 5 parts, this is mainly because each battle report is a narrative report and as such takes more time and space than a cut down tournament battle report normally would, also these 5 posts will be linked meaning that the battles themselves will link providing a more (i hope) coherent narrative.

Game 1: Undead Legions (10/10 Draw)

Elidyr's forces moved in on the small hamlet and the Spellweaver brought his own unit of Glade Guard to a halt inside the  wood that was the exit from the Worldroots that had brought them all here. He had been dispatched from Athel Loren to a remote southern section of the human Empire to hunt down a Necrach Vampire who had taken several Forest Spirits hostage during an earlier battle, Elidyr's was instructed to kill the vampire, locate his lair and free the spirits. He nodded to Almer, the captain of his Glade Guard, to give the signal for his forces to make ready. As the horn blew the Asrai  took to their positions. The majority of his forces centered around the Worldroots but the Waywatchers too the far left flank along with the Waystalker.

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Not On Top

I am not a fan of Age of Sigmar but thats putting it mildly, i think AOS is a awful joke given at the expense of the WHFB player and fan base. So when i see that Age of Sigmar is not one of the products in Mighty Ape's Top 10 Best Selling Wargaming products i do simile a little and that simile grows when i see that there are no AOS products in Mighty Ape's top 100 Best Selling Wargaming Products. What is in that top 100 list you ask, well.....

Skaven in Kings of War

Kings of War is fast replacing WHFB as my go to game nowadays and it helps that my Wood Elves can be used in Kings of War without any changes. This morning Mantic officially announced that their Skaven Army list (aka Ratmen) was now in Beta and would appear in a expansion book for Kings of War Second edition called "Kings of War: Uncharted Empires", i however call it "Warhammer Armies in Kings of War" mainly because this 64 page book promises to contain lists for:

1. The League of Rhordia (Dogs of War)
2. Ratkin (Skaven)
3. The Brotherhood (Brettiona)
4. The Empire of Dust (Tomb Kings)
5. Reptilians (Lizardmen)
6. The Herd (Beastmen)
7. The Varangur (Warriros of Chaos)

Given that all the other WHFB races already have lists in the 2nd Edition Rulebook this basically means that if you have a WHFB army you now also have a Kings of War Army.

Here is the link for the Beta Skaven List

If you are a WHFB player and mourn the loss of WHFB as a supported game system then give Mantic and Kings of War a go, i will be doing a detailed review of the Kings of War 2nd Edition Rulebook when i get it later on in the month. 

Before i go i just wanted to announce that this blog now has Twitter Account, follow this link to go to the account or search for the TheDiceOdyssey (all one word), it will be mainly used to announce new posts, show off models that i have recently finished painting an allow me to express thoughts to small to warrant their own post. Until next time.

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Short Story: Heroes

She gazed out from the bridge of the starship into the darkness of space, and the pulsing red wound of the Eye of Terror that dominated most of her view.  As she gazed upon it she felt despair growing within her, how could a galaxy divided by war and hate hope to stop the relentless advance of Chaos, a power that feed on conflict and division. So focused was she on her thoughts that she failed to hear the foot steps of her master coming up behind her and she started slightly as he spoke:

"Tell me Allira, what is on your mind?"

"I was considering how hard the task before us is. Chaos feeds on war, conflict and division but those are the things most common in our galaxy"

She turned to him as she finished, tearing her gaze away from the Eye and looking instead upon her master. The old Farseer had his helmet off which allowed her to see him simile at her response.

"It is such a shame to see the young turn to despair and hopelessness. Things are not so bleak as they appear"

"Aren't they? While the races of the galaxy fight each other the Dark Gods grow strong. Each mortal life lost only weakens those who would stand against Chaos while their own numbers grow each day"

The Farseer was silent for a moment before taking out the pouch that contained his runes.

"Tell me who wins wars"


"Yes armies do win wars, but what are armies made up of ?"


"Yes, soldiers. Individuals who, for whatever reason, joined an army and played a part in winning a war"

As he finished his sentence he sat down on the bridge's floor and cast his runes.

"Come Allira and see what things soldiers can do"

She sat opposite him and saw.