Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Caring Complaints

Often i see posts decrying people who complain bout things that GW does, and that doesn't sit right with me. Sure there are people who "Love to Hate" GW and will pointless nit pick at everything GW does just for the fun of it. But most of the people who complain about things that GW do are doing so because (i think) they care about WHFB and Wh40k.

You really do need at least 1 picture per post, and this is the most relevant one i could find....

Saturday, 26 July 2014

A Flying Rectangle

Today GW has unveiled (officially, there were leaks prior to this) the new Space Wolf flyer! And here it is.......

Yes Rectangles can indeed fly!

Saturday, 19 July 2014

The Ghosts and The Greenskins

Since i started back into Warhammer and Warhammer 40k (mid 2013) i have done 6 different 40k armies and have sold the first 4 of those. The reason for this is that i had issues with 6th ed and those 4 armies didn't click with me in the way that Wood Elves have clicked for me in WHFB, in fact i enjoy Wood Elves so much that they are the only fantasy army i will do (i have tried three times to do a second WHFB army and have sold each of those 3 armies after relieasing that they weren't Wood Elves). However the 2 40k armies i am working on now have clicked, and in turn i am actually looking forward to playing Wh40k again. The two armies that have my attention (and finances) are a Ork army and an army i have wanted to do since i first read one of the novels about them: The Tanith First and Only, or Gaunt's Ghosts.

The Best of the Imperial Guard

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Call to Arms 2014

I have been slow on the post output of late and this is mainly due to the fact that i have caught "That Bug" that has been doing the rounds this winter.  But this hasn't stopped me from entering this years Call to Arms for WHFB. For those who have followed this blog for some time you will re-call that CTA 2013 was the first tournament i reported on this blog, as for how well i went.........

You know how they say "There is always next time"......

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

All the Colours of Magic: Wood Elf Magic Tactics

With the Wood Elf magic lore options going from 3 to 10 it can be somewhat daunting trying to select a lore to use on your mages. I myself have trialed 7 out of the 10 lores on offer and now present my opinions on those 7 lores in order to help you choose the lore that best suits your Wood Elf army. The 7 lores are Fire, Metal, Beasts, Life, Death, High and Dark.

Standard magic related image? Check


Just like its odd seeing Dark Elves use Light magic it is similarly odd to see Wood Elves use Fire magic. Odd as it may be the lore of Fire can be useful in a Wood Elf army and the spells that make this so are: The Flaming Sword of Rhuin, The Cloak of Cascading Fire, Fireball and The Burning Head. The benefits of the Flaming Sword are clear, +1 to wound is a very useful thing and at only 8+ to cast its a bargain, chuck this on a unit of Trueflight or Swiftshiver Glade Guard and watch the carnage. The Cloak is great for giving a WE combat unit an edge even before the first blows have fallen (2d6 S4 hits on any enemy unit in BTB contact will ruin someones day), Fireball provides a scary number of S4 hits that can seriously weaken or even destroy some units and the Burning head is great for causing low LD units to either flee off the board or get set back a few turns, and given that WE still have a hard time vs horde units panicking one such unit is a great way to buy time for your line. The other spells have their uses but its those 4 spells are of the most use to a WE player. Its not the best lore on offer but its not bad.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Transmission Incoming, Source Unknown

+++++ Incoming Transmission +++++
+++++ Source Unknown +++++
+++++ Transmission Begins +++++

All right hummies listen up good, iz be waiting, watching, obzersving youz and iz has come to a conculshun: Youz is weak. Youz have been ruling this sector and keeping da boyz down. Dat don’t sit right, da weak shouldn’t be beating da strong, it should be da other way round!

+++++ None verbal audio burst, likely firing of a weapon or the striking of a weapon against a hard surface +++++

My name is Warboss Blackjaw and iz has a message for youz. Da godz gave me a vision, day showed me dis sector in control of da Orks, day showed me youz in chainz at my feet, day showed me boyz beating you wif youz own weaponz and tacticz. So readyz yourselz hummies for iz is coming for ya, and when iz do there will be nowhere ta hide. The time of da Orks haz come and iz going to kick startz itz.


+++++ None verbal audio burst, identified as the repeated firing of a weapon +++++
+++++ Transmission Ends +++++