Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Defeat is Only Temporary. Skitterleap Day 2

The second and final day of skitterleap didn't go well for me, to put it simply. However on the upside the day did have a strong focus on the painting side of the hobby which meant all the armies were on display before game four so players could vote for their three best painted armies. I photographed all of these armies as they were on display and those photos will be posted below. And now on with the games.

Game 4 Andrew Stanton

Game 4 was battle for the pass against Andrew Stanton and his demons. Now i played Andrew at CTA with battle for the pass and won, however this game wasn't a repeat performance. He was playing demons of Khorne and Tzeentch and i made the mistake of focusing fire on the Bloodthirster rather than the Bloodleters and Horrors of Tzeentch (who i would have had a better chance of killing. To add to this my Treeman Ancient got infernal gatewayed down to one wound and then got finished off by warpfire. Elsewhere the Bloodthirster went on a rampage and murdered forty glade guard, three treekin and and a treeman. In the end it was a well deserved 20-0 to Andrew, who was once again a great opponent.

Game 5 Rory Finnemore

Game 5 was Battleline against Rory's vampires. Now i have a very good history of playing vampires, there have been about 3 games were it looks like i would loose but then my treeman ancient (and its always either the treeman ancient or a treeman) kills the vampire boss, the army crumbles and i win, Yaaay me. However this was not the case against Rory. Although dangerous terrain tests and miscasts murdered more of his black knight bus than i did he kept on raising them up. In the end that single unit (ten black knights, a vampire thrall and a killy vampire lord) killed forty glade guard, the spell weaver, the BSB, three treekin, and a treeman. It was a 20-0  to Rory who was a very gracious, humorous and rules savvy opponent. Rory was also my vote for best opponent because not only because that game was the most enjoyably but because he pointed out several occasions where i was getting rules wrong to my detriment. If he had not corrected me then i would still be getting those rules wrong and still me screwing up parts of my game because of it, so thank you Rory for the thoroughly enjoyable game.

So in the end i came bottom of the table but won best sports, so it wasn't all bad. I learnt a lot from all my games and look forward to coming back next year. I leave you now with pictures from day 2 of skitterleap. Until next time

Rex 'I love trees" Foote