Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Demons and Cyborgs

What with all the current  WH40k armies having up to date Codexs the natural question is: What Next for 40k? There have been rumours of Adeptus Mechanicus, Death Watch, Gene Stealer Cults and even a Sister of Battle rumour. Today we got solid confirmation of the whats next for 40k and its....well a codex called Khorne Demonkin which appears to be a codex for all things, well, Khorne in 41st millennium.

Behold! Evidence!

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Dispelling Myths: Warhammer WHFB Costs More to Enter

There is an often repeated Myth abut WHFB that is both costs more and has a higher models count than 40k, the argument goes to to say that this discourages prole from starting WHFB and thus WHFB is less popular than WH40k. I have had this argument now with a number of people and it has never convinced me mainly because people who make this argument never actually bring up an evidence to back up their claim. I was thinking about this today and wondered if the people making this argument were right, and so i did a experiment to find out if this was the case. what i did was go onto Army Builder and make 6 lists, 1 Orc and Goblin list and 1 Ork List, 1 High Elf List and 1 Eldar List and 1 WHFB Demons list and 1 40k Demons list. All the lists were built with 7th ed 40k codexs and 8th ed WHFB Army Books.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Relentlessly Optimistic

An image of the final paragraph of End Times Archaon popped up this morning, and there were a few issues generated by this that I want to talk about but before I go on fair warning: I will be displaying the image so if you don’t want the book spoiled then turn back, if you don’t mind then read on.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Their Number is Legion, Their Name is Death

A while back i started my latest, and at this stage most successful, 40k army. I have always loved the Necrons, the old 3rd edition Necron codex is hands down my favourite codex from a lore perspective as it added a of depth to the 40k universe, it told the story of the first great war of the 40k universe, told us abut the old ones and the Ctan, hinted at the origins of some 40k races and gave the Necrons a faceless, nameless dread kind of feel that painted them as relentless and remorseless killers who couldn't be stopped or talked to. They were 40k's faceless killers, their White Walkers and they were perfect. Of course that's all gone now after Matt Ward rewrote the lore but the old codex still exists and if you didn't read it and you do like the Necron lore then read it, you wont be disappointed.

My Necron army is very much in the old style, they are relentless killers who canted be reasoned with. Below are a come pictures of some of the completed units.

The Necron warriors, i have 30 total (2 squads of 15) with plans to add more

The Internet Will Rage

There is a common defence bought up by proponents of things being criticised on the internet that tries to dismiss the critics as mindless rage bots. The defence usually tries to paint the critics as a “rage filled internet warriors” or tries to anticipate criticism of a product and dismiss said criticism as “internet rage”. This defence is flawed from the start, yes there are people on the internet who live to complain loudly about everything regardless of the actually quality of the product however not everyone is this way and a product can have both valid critics and mindless complainers, so to dismiss all the critics of a given product as “rage filled internet warriors” or to dismiss all complains about a product as “internet rage” is intellectually dishonest.

By now many of you may well be asking yourself how this relates to wargaming and I don’t blame you, but allow me to weave this into wargaming. As someone who frequently criticizes GW I would constantly get annoyed when seeing people dismiss all complaints against GW as “internet rage” because this was simply not the case, there were (and still are) valid, legit complaints to lay at GW’s feet and to try and broadbrsuh dismiss all complaints as mindless rage is lazy and wrong. There was a bout of 40k 7th ed codices that were dull and uninspired, they had very few new units in them and had even less exciting special rules, they were effectively generic codexs with the theme of whatever army they were painted on top and to my mind this is a valid compliant and shouldn’t be dismissed as “internet rage”. Complaints about GW’s pricing and other such business practises are equally valid and not just mindless complaining for the sake of complaining.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

9th Edition Speculation

There has been a lot of confusion over the future of WHFB and what 9th edition will look like. At one point there were rumours it would become a skirmish game with round bases (which wouldn’t make much sense given that so much of the recent WHFB releases have been big monster kits that would be out of place in a skirmish game), now the rumours point to some sort of middle ground between that rumour and the current edition, a game where you have both round and square bases that can be both a large scale fantasy battle game and a small scale fantasy skirmish game. In my view we have no idea what WHFB 9th edition will look like and with no solid rumours all we have is wild speculation and this is demonstrated by the diversity of the rumours coming through.

Looking Forward

Over the past month or so I have felt little desire to write up a blog post which has to do with my earlier refusal to talk about GW related issues. I now acknowledge this was a mistake as so much of my hobby involves Warhammer and Warhammer 40k, in truth me not talking about GW related issues only really hurts me and this blog.

So what does that mean? Well it means I will resume talking about GW related issues which is good as there are quite a few going round, like 9th Edition WHFB, the end of the End Times, rumours about what is coming next for Wh40k and so on.

Also expect more WH40k Battle Reports as I have finally found an army I like, the Necrons, and can win games with them as well with the score being 3 wins, 1 draw and 0 loses. 

All in all I aim to be far more active on this blog over the coming months. Until next time.