Saturday, 9 August 2014

The Commissar and the Cannon

Following on from last week's hobby labours i continued my work my 3 WIP armies, and managed to produced some finished products which i would like to share with you today. First up is the colonel Commissar himself, Ibram Gaunt (once again i apologise for the faint black bars in these images, i do have a proper camera now but it lacks a SD card):


Personally speaking i feel this is the best single model i have painted, after i finished this model i sat back and thought that there was no way i could do it better and am very pleased with the finished result, he will make a fine commander for the Tanith.

But Gaunt wasn't the only Ghost i finished today. Before i started on him i did a practice model to see if i got the colour scheme right, and here is that model:

In the books the battle dress of the Ghosts is described as "Mat Black" which isnt a lot to go on. But once more i was happy with how tis model turned out and it should make for a good overall theme for the army.

And finally on the Ghosts front i finished assembling 3 more models, Milo (the Senior Command Sqaud's Banner Bearer), "Mad" Larkin (one of the army's snipers) and a Ghost with a Shotgun:

So thats the Ghosts for now but that wasn't all i did today. No doubt many of you have seen the hideous Khorne Skullcannon model. Its a model that looks out of place on a WHFB battlefield and looks pretty ugly in general. Well i decided that for my Skullcannon i would try to make it fit in with the WHFB aesthetic and this was what i came up with:

Removing all the "Car" elements of the model was the main aim and having it pulled by a Juggernaut seemed like the best way to do this as well as removing all the pipes that dotted the model. I hope to have it painted by tomorrow night as it is a centerpiece model.

Thats all for today, hopefully you liked the models showcased here. One final note before i go, i played my first game of 40k on Thursday and overall i enjoyed it, it was a kill team game so it was not a "Full" game but it was fun none the less, so far 7th ed 40k is looking pretty good. Until next time.


  1. I really like the skullcannon conversion, it's a great idea that works well.

    1. Thank you. It was one of the the key ideas i had going into this army, i knew what the mode looked like and wanted to make it feel more like it belonged in a WHFB army

    2. I second Jeff, that conversion lifts what was an atrocious model up quite a few notches to pretty damn good. Juggernaughts are full of character, so including them in anything Khornate really does improve it. Well done.

    3. Cheers and thanks hopefully the paint job does the model credit

    4. Adding to the chorus of praise for your Skull Cannon. That was one of the worst models they released of late and you've completely redeemed it.

      Well done!

      Really looking forward to seeing the army come together. The snow basing should look really striking against all the reds and metals.

    5. Cheers, my main concern is that i wont be able to get the pain job righ

  2. Im really glad to see the basing on your Tanith. Cool progress dude!

    One suggestion, with the plasma gunner, try a red or blue colour so it contrasts with the model. Aesthetically it will be pleasing, however, the green is more practical.

    Other than that, very cool.