Wednesday, 11 December 2013


Today i was alerted to yet another GW price hike, this time in the hobbit range. (Image courtesy of Scotts wargaming blog)

80 dollars for ten bits of plastic, 80 dollars. This is beyond laughable, beyond ridiculous, its pure greed. And it must stop. GW only gets away with this because people pay for it. So i ask EVERYONE who reads this blog, or this post, to boycott GW, stop paying stupid amounts of your hard earned cash for bits of plastic made in China.
Now i understand people who enjoy GW game systems and want to continue with them, i am one of them. So i implore you to buy from alternate sites, give companies like Avatars of war , Reaper , Gamezone, Scibor and Mantic your time. These companies respect you as customers by not charging stupid over the top prices for what are, at the end of the day, small bits of moulded plastic.

I know that for myself, i will never buy another GW figure until they lower their prices. I will buy their rules books (i really have no choice there), but i will not pay their stupid, greedy prices until they change. Until next time.


Jayden Here

Now i just wanted to add to this post. What Rex and I are doing is actually a very common trend among people here in NZ. In my group of regulars at the club none of us are buying from GW. We have the models we have left but all we will keep buying their books as its necessary. For example another common trend is to increase the price and halve the models in a box. Dire Avengers are a recent example. 

So its not just an online trend of people just saying it, it is happening especially amongst the older gamers but it is spreading. Hopefully soon we will see an end to things like this eventually from GW.

Cheers guys and our next post will be a little project we have been working on which will be fun, until then...


  1. At least you get free shipping at that price :P

  2. Well said guys... when do we start manning the picket line, placards waving outside GW stores?

    1. What? You mean we have to do work? If i knew it was going to be that tough................

    2. With all the emails im getting about recasters due to how ridiculous GW/FW is i dont think we will have to riot, With all the money that goes into GW we might end up with a response like the ending of this...

      Wouldnt surprise me if the legal team packed that kind of force :P

    3. Technically it's 33 bits of plastic (counting the bases)....

      I'll get my coat...

    4. Those small details, getting in the way of a good rant

  3. Just Sadface...

    But as I just posted at Scotts Place

    Okay one more thing

    10 Mirkwood Ranagers – polystyrene hard plastic semi multipart (not multipose) $80.00

    10 Cygnar Stormguard – non-polystyrene plastic multipart (not multipose) $61.90

    Wargames Factory Eisenkern Stormtrooper Rifle Squad (10- Figure Rifleman Kit polystyrene hard plastic multipart $33.00

    Warlord Games Commandos – 25 polystyrene hard plastic multipart $45.00

    You can see examples of four lines here and three have their own dedicated gaming system. Seriously I don’t p[lay WW2 but at that price it’s tempting $1.80 a figure?!

    Food for thought guys...

    1. Agreed, i used/am about to use warlord games, wargames factory and victoria miniatures of my 40k and fantasy needs. I feel like im getting so much more for my money and am even tempted to try black powder as wargame. There is so much more out there that puts GW to shame really.

      Nice to see your input, cheers :)

    2. I've gotten all my Eldar off Trade Me lovely second edition metals - not that I play 40K anymore though. Warlord games is proving to be quite attractive... I need a bigger gaming group :(

    3. Hmmmm, well i collect praetorians which are basically the zulu soldiers warlord games has. Might have to start up a warlord games army as well. Have you had any experience with the rules?

    4. True they would work very well mix in some Vic minis las rifles and you're laughing...

      Very little game time sadly though I have read them all and I love the Black Powder rules it is my dream to one day (fifteen year life plan) to game the Crimean War.,

    5. Ill have to put it on my under 1 year plan to get. First off i have to convince others to play too. All in all i look forward to it :P