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Wood Elf Wishlist and Rumors

So its December,  and around this time of year people often publish wishlists of things they would like for Christmas, so in that spirit i have decided to put together a wishlist of the top 5 things i would like to see in the up coming (may 2014, hopefully) wood elf book.

  1. Make Treeman Ancients worth taking: The Treeman Ancients has been useful, however i feel for that, for the points increase from Treeman to Treeman Ancient, we should getting alot more than just one extra point of leadership (and general rules). I would like to see gain more upgrade options and perhaps a few stat increases.
  2. Decent Close Combat Core unit: Whilst Eternal guard are alright, and dryads are decent the wood elf core selection (besides only having 4 options) lacks a decent close combat unit. Given how close combat focused fantasy games often are this means that wood elves have to rely on their special and rare units to hold the line, and they are often too expensive to fit into the list in any great numbers. What i would like to see is a redo of the Eternal guard, already rumors are abound of them having a +1 strength 5+ save weapon, so it sounds good.
  3. A retooled Lore of Athel Loren: This one is fairly likely. I have heard that GW plans to make it a very natural lore in that the lore attribute will be bonuses to cast for standing near forests, and that the spells will have terrain manipulation feel to them, which would be great. 
  4. More Options in Special and Rare: This is fairly likely, right now there are 4 options in special and core (if you use a highborn). With such a lack of variety i often forgo special in favor of more core units
  5. Make Waywacthers worth taking: Waywacthers have wonderful lore, and the current models are the perfect embodiment of that lore. Unfortunately rules wise they lack punch. Killing blow at short range was good (until heroic killing blow came along) and their deployment rules are pretty good, until the FAQ came along replaced those rules with basic scout deployment rules. I would really like to see Waywacthers get some very interesting and themey rules that cater to a ambush and guerrilla warfare theme.
The Waywatcher Models, perfectly capturing the lore of the Waywatchers

Now recently there have been quite a few people who have come here seeking wood elf rumors. I just want to say that, as the huge wood elf fan boy that i am, i will post any new rumors i deem credible. Below i will post a recap of what we think we know about the upcoming wood elf book, There will be no new rumors as none have surfaced recently.

Wood Elves have a massive update coming. And they will be fine in the current and next edition with it.
I expect them late spring 2014.

Some of what Ive heard is:
Still a major guerrilla tactics army. Skirmishers are still prevalent.

New giant Treekin dual unit.

New Stag Monstrous Cavalry unit.

Best archers in the game.

Dryads having abilities to manipulate enemy unit structure.

New mpp wild rider kit

New mpp wardancer/waywatcher kit

Wardancers causing rank bonus to work against enemy.

New hawkriders kit.

WE wizards (spellsingers) have spells that manipulate environment, including making a new grove of trees and one causing an enemy unit to enter combat with the ground/terrain

WE have significant benefits within woods both stationary and moving.

Tree units able to start hidden in wooded terrain.

(from the post Its winter in Athel Loren,but spring is around the corner

ASF for all elves
Eye of the falcon:elves only,reroll 1 to hit,only shooting
Forest spirits:instability,magic attacks,5+ inv,harmony with the woods Elven bows:quick to fire,+1str,1 extra rank
Searath:HtH wepon,+1 str,lance i guess +1 AS ( going by the nam it's weapon eternal guards have right now after all)

Glade guard:elven bow/eye of the falcon
Eternal guard:S4,Searath,Ld 8
Glade riders:=
Dryads:fighting forms
Warhawk riders:eye of the falcon,lance,elfic bow
Riders of Kurnous:Searath,Ld 8,Str 4,A2 (no idea if the come directly on stags)
Treekin: Forest Spirit,=
Bansees: Forest Spirit,wail (breath attack),terror
Eagle's claw:= (this makes me think these are simply great eagles and he confused the name with the high elves' ballista )
Wardancers:= save for a few changes that i don't know
Waywatchers:forest spirits,elven bow
Treeman:= i believe
Hot-tempered millenarian:eternal hatred,don't know what else. 

(from the post Wood Elf Rumours and Skitterleap Lists)

Just as a small aside there are 2 rumors in that list that i am excited about, those being Eternal guard:S4,Searath,Ld 8 and Dryads:fighting forms. For those who don't remember back in the 5th edition book dryads had fight forms, that worked like wardancer dances, these fight forms gave them buffs in combat, one of the forms gave the unit +1 strength and toughness for example. If the rumor is true (that fighting forms are coming back) then this would make dryads alot more durable in combat. Also the rumor that Eternal guard will get strength 4 is a big deal (if its true), this will allow them to go toe to toe with things like orc infantry and other T4 units, whilst murdering any T3 units they encounter.

The current rumor is the the book will come out in May 2014 (hopefully sooner), so all will be revealed then. Until next time

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