Sunday, 24 August 2014

A Weekend's Work

It started on Friday evening (technically the weekend). I took the sprues out of the box and began to clip the components off. In about half an hour i had begun assembling them.

So it Begins

By the end of that evening i had my Terminators and Librarian assembled, and was prepared to get the rest built.

My Librarian, leader of my Grey Knights and so to be wanted for abuses of the Psykic Phase
Saturday was the assembly day with Sunday booked as they Paint day, i wanted to get the Knight's ready for gaming on Thursday. Fast forward to today and here are the weekend's results.

There you go, all in a weekends work. There is a 5 man Purgiation Squad that is almost done but i had to duck out for an hour so they get completed during the week.

Now some you my be thinking "Really Rex? 3 40k Armies??". This is not the case, the Orks have been shelved because the 40k Ork boyz that were to be the core of the army have yet to show (2+ months after they had been sent) and i now consider them lost to the Warp (aka NZ Post). The Grey Knights are the replacement army, costing me under 250 for a 1k army and taking me a weekend to assemble and paint. Until net time.


  1. Unfortunate about the Orks, but at least you now have a nearly fully painted army. Good work overall. When they are all together they look great, especially with that basing. Not bad for a weekends work mate!

    1. Well when you army consists of 22 models it seems wasteful not to do the whole army in a weekend

  2. You have painted more than I have in the last year and a half in a weekend. I think Procrastinating is becoming my main hobby at this point ;) They look great (Which is always tough in photos that get so close to the figures) I'm sure they look even better at tabletop distance.

    I feel really bad that the Orks have still not arrived. I had no idea that shipping level was so slow (My brother told me after I'd shipped them that some Comics he sold to someone in Sweden took over two months to get there using the same service)

    I would have offered to help pay a portion of the fee to get them up to the service Jayden used for the Badgers had I known the insane difference in speed.

    I'm still hopeful they will arrive and I included a free gift in the box. So I hope that eases some of the disappointment at how this has played out.

    1. I play video games as well and on Friday got back into Titanfall (which is far better than it was on release), i had to force myself not to play it during Saturday and Sunday. In the end i got a well painted Grey Knight army out so win win right?

      Don't worry about the shipping situation. This is well out of everyone's hands, NZ Post is letting everyone down on this one and i wouldn't have you feel any guilt over their shoddy performance, you did a very kind thing by offering the Orks at the price you did, thank you for that and i look forward to assembling them when they reach me, and i will be lodging a compliant with NZ post over this issue.