Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Hobby Rampage

My small painting desk has been frantic with activity of late (thats what happens when building 3 armies all at once). With work going ahead on an Ork army, Tanith First and Only Imperial Guard regiment and a WHFB Khorne Demon army my hobby time has been devoted to building and painting models from these 3 armies, thankfully the Wood Elves are about finished bar a few movement trays that need doing.

So first up i wanted to show the test model for my Khorne Demons colour scheme. Recently i had some family in America who were willing to pick up a few things for me, most of which was a brand new Khorne Demon army and here is the first finished model in that army.

This is a really easy army to paint as most of the red colour is applied with spray paint leaving only a few brush details. The models also are shaded using Army Painter's Quick shade. The base is painted white, flocked with snow flock and finally has a few splotches of Blood for the Blood God applied to it (they are Demons of Khorne after all). I hope to have the 1000 point version of this list built and ready to go after CTA so expect to see these guys in battle reports around then.

Next up is Gaunt's Ghosts. So far i only have the GW models for this army (The Gaunt's Ghosts kit from GW, Sargent Harker who will become "Try Again" Bragg, a plastic Commissar who will become Hark and Colonel Iron Hand Straken who will become Sargent Varl) and out of the models i do have i have assembled Gaunt, Dorden, a Ghost with a Plasma Gun and Hark. Here they are:

Colonel Commissar Ibram Gaunt, don't mind the black bars that was the camera playing up
Dorden (Left) and Tanith Plasma Gunner (right)

Commissar Hark, note he isn't standing on that damm piece of rubble like all the "Cool" Commissars

I am using Victoria Miniature's Boarder World Rangers as my Ghosts the first shipment of which will arrive shortly, so expect to see them soon.

Finally on the modeling desk is the Orks, who have been pushed back by the Ghosts and Demons but who still have had progress. I completed work on the Mega Nobz and Bikers this weekend and finished painting my Weird Boy, oh and i built Blackjaw himself.

Warboss Blackjaw having a "Chat" with a Guardsman

Da Mega Nobz

Da Bikerz

Da Weridboy

Finally, i have just finished the first of my Army Showcase pages. These are a series of pages where i display finished models/units from my armies and the first one (the Wood Elf one) is done. Feel free to head on over there and take a look. Until next time.


  1. I like how your Demon came together. Really effective approach which should look great across a whole army.

    I would recommend painting the edge of your bases a contrasting color (Black Brown etc.) to drive home that it's a snow base and provide contrast between figure base and edge.

    1. Cheers, i am glad you like em. Things like Bloodcrushers and Skullcannons may be ab it different but the over all look will be red.

      Thats a good suggestion with the bases, i may well give it a shot.

    2. i find that chocolate brown or flat earth from valajo are great ones for base edging

  2. Yeah. I've used those before for some armies. I have switched to Black edging as it gives the models more of a display feel when viewed individually and it looks better breaking up my snow table from my snow basing.

    As with many things it is entirely up to your regular playing surfaces and personal preference.