Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Change on The Wind

There have been some interesting developments of late regarding GW and how they release models. These past few weeks have seen a Tyranid model release separate from a codex release with the rules for the models being made available in Whiter Dwarf and for FREE!!!!!!on the Black Library site.  On top this there is the side note that last week GW released a App called Warhammer the App for Iphone, basically a GW/Black Library news app.

All the proof you need
I have often said that I wish GW would change back into something similar to what it was when I started the hobby, and while this isn’t that it is a step on that right direction. For a start I like the idea of releasing new models/rules for an army independent of a codex release, this means that an army that didn’t get the best deal with is most recent codex (oddly enough Tyranids are the prime example of this) can receive new units that can improve the army with having to redo the entire codex, ultimately this is cheaper for both the player and GW. Personally I am interested to see where they take this idea, perhaps we could see old units and characters return to armies without having to wait to be included in a new book.

The news app is another good sign, perhaps it could lead to GW talking about releases before they are released, if this is the case then its another step in the right direction for GW. At the very least this App shows a willingness to start interacting with the community again.

I feel that both these moves are a step in the right direction and I hope that more like them follow. I am a relentless optimist and so I see these developments in a positive light, hopefully the next year will vindicate this view. Until next time.


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