Sunday, 10 May 2015

The Ironhorn Tribe: In the Beginning

His name was Etch, Exalted of T'char. None know for where he all that was known was that one night he came into the camp of the Ironhorn Tribe and challenged their chieftain to single combat for ownership of the tribe. The Chieftain, whose name has been forgotten, was beheaded in the first second of the duel and Etch became Chief of the Ironhorn tribe.

Etch, Exalted of T'char

Etch had dedicated his existence to severing T'char and his body was proof of this, from his bird like head and sword of flicking blue flame who could doubt that he lived to serve the Great Eagle.

The Ironhorn's however served none of the four and instead worshiped them all as one. Etch was quick and brutal in correcting their worship and soon icons of T'char had appeared all over the tribe.

The Irontribe had favored fast and reckless tactics and had many chariot as well as Gor who preferred 2 hand weapons over sword and shield. The Gor also kept their blades bloodied at all times. This strayed close to worship of Arkhar the Dog and Etch worked to ensure that tribe worshiped the right God of the Pantheon.

The Ironhorn tribe now has good numbers and a Iron ruler but Etch has grander plans. To achieve such plans he needs numbers and amongst the Children of Chaos there is only one way to increase to size of your Warherd, War.

So why start a Beastman army and why now? Well Beasts of Chaos were my second ever WHFB army and with the release of the End Times Glottkin i had a chance to exactly recreate the army (with a few minor changes), and with Call to Arms 2015 in August it provided me with excellent motivation to get the army done in time to play with in that event. So expect more of Etch and the Ironhorn Tribe. Until next time.


  1. The ironhorns look nice and your etch figure is really nifty, it is always good to start a new army. really looking forward to seeing the progression.

    1. Cheers. I have a game planned with them on Thursday and i will be dong a battle rep for that so stay tuned