Saturday, 8 August 2015

Not On Top

I am not a fan of Age of Sigmar but thats putting it mildly, i think AOS is a awful joke given at the expense of the WHFB player and fan base. So when i see that Age of Sigmar is not one of the products in Mighty Ape's Top 10 Best Selling Wargaming products i do simile a little and that simile grows when i see that there are no AOS products in Mighty Ape's top 100 Best Selling Wargaming Products. What is in that top 100 list you ask, well.....

For those who don't know Mighty Ape is a Online retailer in New Zealand with a large wargaming selection and often has discounts on GW products, here is a screenshot of some of there AOS Discounts

Even with a 40.01NZD discount on the stater set it still cant get into the top 100 Best Selling Wargaming Products on the site. Now i don't say that this is proof that AOS is unpopular in NZ, perhaps most of the AOS fans don't buy from Mighty Ape? But i do think that it supports that idea that AOS isn't nearly as popular as GW wanted it to be. Until next time.



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  1. It has not, since release, been on the top selling list once. (that I have seen anyway).

    I also noticed... even Mighty Ape used AOS to promote other games.

    Nice to see indeed.