Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Tamurkhan Round 1

For my first game of the mighty empire based Tamurkhan campaign I player an empire player called Liam. Before I go onto the game itself will provide a brief overview of how the campaign is run. Before round one begins the map is created, with each player taking it in turns to reach into a bag and draw out a random title and place it where he/she desires. After that is completed an each player rolls a dice and the highest score gets to place their capital where they want and the claim all the tiles in base contact with that title. After that each player must create 3 army generals to lead each of their 3 armies. In my case my generals where: Hiemails, a wood elf highborn riding his forest dragon Fanuns, Nimbifer, a level 4 life weaver, and Mr Huggy, a Treeman ancient.

For my game with Liam my general was Hiemails and his was an empire bossman riding a griffon. The game size was 2100 points and the scenario was meeting engagement.  My army comprised of


Hiemails on Fanuns (highborn riding forest dragon) with spirit sword, Merciw's Locus, potion of toughness, light armour and shield.
561 points


Noble BSB
Hail of Doom Arrow
140 points


10 Glade Guard with Musician
264 points

1x14 Glade Guard with Musician
180 points

2x16 Glade Guard with Musician
408 points


507 points

Grand total: 2100 points

From memory his list comprised of
Nicolaas von Berkelstein, Elector count of Berkland (Empire general on Griffon)
1 Empire Fire wizard
1 Empire Light wizard
1 Empire Captain

30 State Troops with sword and shield
2x10 Empire state Handgunners
5 Inner Circle Knights with two handed weapons
10 Knights with shield and lance
A Cannon

The Game map looked something like this:  

For Deployment he took the north side and I took the south side, I deployed my forest by the hill (already shown in the map). For the rolls deployment all my units turned up on time (wood elf caffeine drinking habits) and his cannon, 10 Inner Circle Knights and a unit of ten Handgunners were late to the party. The deployment looked something similar to this:

He deployed his empire captain in the big unit of sword and shield state troops as well as a fire wizard. I went for an arrow line type deployment with the Treeman pressing as far up as they could to the deployment line and my BSB with the 16 glade guard closest to the left board edge.

I can only give a summary of what happened for the actual game:

This game was the first game that I thought I had a shot at winning. By turn 2 both our generals had engaged in combat, my line has pumping out shots like mad and murdering a fair bit of empire, one of my treemen ran down a unit of handgunners and was advancing on the second .However one Treeman was dead and my glade guard unit closest to the hill was reduced to 5 elves after a boosted fireball. At the end of my turn 3 things were looking really good. The remaining Treeman had stranglerooted an empire bright wizard who had tried to alter the general on general fight. Liam's 5 knights had been reduced to 3 and were fleeing, however both generals were dead and so was Liam's griffon. Then it all went wrong, Liam's Inner circle knights, who had shrugged off the Hail of doom arrow and 2 rounds of shooting, smashed up the BSB and his glade guard, the knights then went on to murder the unit of ten glade guard. The 3 knights rallied and charged the forest dragon along with the state troops who had murdered the remaining 5 glade guard, who then killed then dragon. 

Over all it was a good game and i thank Liam for his part in it.

  Heimails Vs Nicolaas von Berkelstein,
Until next time

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