Monday, 8 July 2013

The Wolves of Winter

In addition to my wood elves i have recently started a army of Warhammer 40k Space Wolves. I have had issues with 40k recently while playing a imperial guard army. 40k plays very differently from warhammer and if you go from fantasy to 40k (or visa versa) you may experience anger at the new system. For example when playing a game of 40k recently i became annoyed at the fact my opponent seemed to be able to cross the entire board and then assault one of my tanks in one turn, where as if it was a game of warhammer i would have had at least two turns (if my opponent was very lucky with what spells they got and was very good with their magic phase) to react before getting into combat. All that aside i decided a new more durable army was in order. And so my like of winter and Norse themed armies lead me to the Space Wolves. The most un-space marine of the space marine chapters. My first purchase was a box of grey hunters ,space marine commander and a space wolf codex. I drew up a basic 1k point list and got to work on the commander. After a few days here he is.
Equipped with a thunder hammer, storm bolter, given the Saga of the warrior born, the belt of Russ and the wolftooth necklace hopefully he will be lethal in close comabt. And soon thunder wolves will be coming, savage glorious thunder wolves.
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