Sunday, 24 November 2013

Commission, First Pictures

So a while back i mentioned that i was starting an undead army to be my second warhammer army, then a few weeks later i was speaking to a friend of mine who had just started a empire army. We got talking about our respective new armies and during the course of this chat we discovered that actually we really wanted to play each others armies. So i sent my undead to him and he sent his empire to me in order to try them out and decided if we wanted to swap.

In short we did want to swap so now i am doing an empire army. Enter painting scores. I want to enter this army into tournaments however my skitterleap painting score showed that armies that i painted wouldn't be able to get over good enough painting scores. So i began to look into commission services. My Search for decent and reasonably priced commission services also got fellow Dice Odyssey author Jayden Howel into looking commission services. He managed to find (in a sea of international commission services) a local service in Auckland. After seeing what the paint job done on Jayden's Penal Legion squad i decided to send him my empire. Well today i got my first pictures of some completed models:

I am very impressed with these test models and am very much looking forward to seeing the rest of the army when its done. If you want to see some of his other work (please note that his commission service has only been up for a few months) you can check out his Youtube Channel or his Commission post on Dakka dakka

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  1. Hey Rex, it's Fern here... Are you getting the bases of your minis flocked? Because even under the soft old paint comp, 3 colours, 1 flock was the minimum to play. Under some tourney rules, they'd be removed from play if the bases weren't flocked

    Just a thought...

    1. I am getting him to do a tundra themed base, so grass and snow, He will do all the models when he has finished all of them, its just how he works.

    2. You should get me to do them for you.

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