Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Thar Be Dwarfs

So with the release of the following image it seems like the Dwarf release next month is inevitable. 

While the writing is interesting its the Runic Standard thingy directly above this caption that should be grabbing your attention
This is good news as it shows that GW has rediscovered, what i like to call, the Forgotten armies. The Forgotten armies refers to the three armies who still have 6th ed books (as shown by the table below), as you can see Dwarfs got their current book in Jan 2006, Wood Elves in Sep 2005 and Bretonnia waaaay back in the mists of Feb 2004.

Now all this is good news as it shows that these abandoned armies are starting to get the new books that they need, and have needed for some time now. And for what its worth the rumour mill supports this with whispers of Wood Elves in April/May and Bretonnia sometime near the end of the year.

Now it has been said that the GW design team has aimed to make the wood elf book able to last though the next two editions of warhammer fantasy without needing an update, and there is no reason to think the same mind-set wouldn't apply when writing the Bretonnia and Dwarf book. If this proves to be true that means that all three books will be filled with variety and options to provide players with a good range of army builds that will hopefully still prove tactfully sound when new editions of warhammer fantasy come out.

I think that this particular rumour, that the books will be written to last, has a grain of truth to it. The Dwarf, Wood Elf and Bretonnia books are by no means unplayable. All three armies can be fielded and, providing that the player knows his/her army very well and understands its strengths and weaknesses, can win games. So if the current editions can still be played with a chance of victory that means that the current books were also "Built to Last". That being said each of these three armies do need new books. And if the rumours can be believed this is the year they get them. Until next time.


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