Wednesday, 29 January 2014

The Sound of Fantasy

As i have already alluded to i love the Fantasy genre, and part of what makes this genre great is the music that is associated with it from things like video games, T.V programs and movies. For me the media whose soundtrack has always defined fantasy has been the Eldar Scrolls games and for a while now i have been trying to find a way to buy the soundtrack to Skyrim.
Well today i struck gold. Not only did i find a way to buy the skyrim soundtrack but i found a way to buy soundtracks to a host of other games as well. The website i found is called Direct Sound and it was founded by Jeremy Soule (the composer for Eldar Scrolls games soundtrack as well as many more) and Julian Soule. On this website you will find soundtracks for games like Oblivion, Skyrim, Morrowind, Guildwars, IL 2 Sturmovik, Supreme commander and many more. I highly recommend it for anyone who likes video game music. Until next time.


  1. I do like the Elder Scrolls soundtracks. I've also found that a large amount of the World of Warcraft music is excellent, despite never having played the game. Another good source of game music is Sumthing Digital. I've grabbed a lot from there over time.

    1. World of Warcraft has very good music that now covers almost all aspects of a fantasy world. Want Eastern fantasy music? Then the Pandaria soundtrack is for you. Want Northern, wintery, horror music? Then the Wrath of The Lich King soundtrack is worth a look. Its getting to the point where i now listen to more video game soundtrack music than anything else. Oh and Audiomachine makes very epic sounding music