Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Loosing is a Theme: NZTC Day 2

Day 2 of the NZTC has come and gone, and so i present to you my write up 2nd day of the event.

Game 4: Rowan

The word "Game" is misleading. Rowan had a Dwarf guneline with 26 Quarrelers and 20 Thunderers, a Organ Gun, 2 Bolt Throwers, a Flaming Cannon and a Grudge Thrower (he was using the old Goblin Hewer from the Storm of Chaos range). He won turn 1 in which he killed the Treeman Ancient with 12 wounds from the Flaming Cannon. Turn 2 he killed the other 2 Treemen. You may notice that i haven't mentioned what i killed, thats because i didn't kill anything. You see this wasnt a game, it was a round of Dwarf target practice. 20-0 to Rowan who was a decent opponent.

Pictures from game 4

Game 5: David Appleby

The Skaven Strike Back!!!! Astute readers will remember that i have faced David previously in round one of Skitterleap. This game was perhaps the closest of day 2. The Treeman Ancient had the dice gods on his side and managed to dodge the Brass orb and go on to tie down a unit of Skaven Slaves. The other two Treeman got Doomwheeled and the rest of the army was overwhelmed by Skaven. David was once again a very gracious and kind opponent and we had a good talk about the new Wood Elf book after the game, 20-0 to him.

Pictures from game


Game 6: Locky Reid

Skaven. The Revengeance!!!! Those who have been following this blog from its beginnings (and for that i thank you) will remember that Locky was my first tournament opponent, he used the exact same list as he did last time, and i used a slightly modified version of the list i used back then. I was able to get my mage, bsb and 15 glade guard into a building which they occupied for the majority of the game. The Treeman Ancient squashed a assassin (most famous for answering the question "Can Skaven be good Lumberjacks?"), and thats all that really went right. One of the other Treeman was Doomwheeled and the other Treeman got Tarpitted and murdered by Skaven Slaves and magic. In the end it was a 20-0 to Locky who was, once again, a decent opponent.

Assorted pictures from game 6

So there you have it, my experience of the NZTC. The name of this post about sums up my experience. I did gain a few valuable insights, main one being that Life magic is far better Beast magic. I also understand now that you cant do a wood elf gunline, it doesn't work you dont have artillery, or the guts to take the fire and give it back. So future lists will be far more balanced. Until next time.


  1. It's certainly true that Life magic is better than Beasts, especially when you're looking at multiple Treemen. In terms of a Wood Elf gunline, you can sort of do it. But it needs to be loaded to the teeth with a Hail of Doom Arrow, multiple Treemen for strangleroot and engaging/delaying, and a ton of Glade Guard. It's still going to struggle against armour, but it can lay down a fairly withering volley against something more suitable like Daemons or Skaven.

    1. The reoccurring issue i had with all 3 Skaven armies i faced was that there were far too many targets. When facing down units of 40 it almost doesn't matter, especially since the killing zone is really at short range. I really do think a blend of Close Combat and Ranged would make for a good Wood Elf list

  2. It's no fun playing against the Dwarven Gunline, I've been there.