Sunday, 2 March 2014

Underdog Underfight: NZTC Day 1

March 1st was the first day of the NZTC (the "New Zealand Team Championship" for those who dont know) and it was also my first day of team based warhammer. I captained the 250ths of the Legion of Doom (not my choice of name honest) and going into this event i knew that we wouldn't be playing from a position of strength, for most of the team this was their first taste of competitive warhammer and i was taking Wood Elves. As per usual i took many photos (89 to be precise) and will be uploading all the good ones.

Game 1: Ben Leopold

Skaven! YAAAY!!! This is my third time that i have faced Skaven first in a tournament and there is a distinct theme developing in my encounters with the rat folk, that being that there are far too many  targets for me to kill. The key events of this game were the Treeman Ancient killing two assassins and Queek in challenges and Treeman "Number One" knocking out a doomwheel in one round. In fact all the things that went right in this game were Treeman related. The Glade Guard and Wardancers only amounted to a mild annoyance to Ben's chittering hordes. In the end it was a 20-0 in Ben's favor. Ben was the first Australian i have ever faced across the Warhammer board and it was a very pleasant experience and a very nice game.

Pictures from game 1

Game 2: Ben "Number 2"

Round two was against Vampire Counts, favored enemy of mine, which is due to vampire himself being the only thing holding the army together. Kill him and you win the game. This game was very close and my opponent was wise enough to keep the Vamp out of the Treeman Ancient's grasp (until my turn 6, after a long chase). In the end my general fell to a Terrorgheist scream in the last turn of the game. Highlights include the a unit of glade guard taking on a, admittedly weakened, unit of Vargheists and Dire Wolves and winning, the HODA Nobel wiping out the other Vargheist unit in one spectacular round of shooting and the very tense combat phase where the Wardancers used the killing blow dance against the black knight bus and boss vampire. Nothing happened but it was very tense, much like the entire game.In the end it was 17-3 to Ben and I thank Ben for giving me such a close and fun game.

Pictures from game 2

Game 3: John Murrie

Round 3 was Ogres time. This was my first time facing the Ogre Kingdoms and readers will be pleased to learn that my predictions of how well i would do against Ogres were utterly spot on. With army wide toughness 4 and 3 wounds the Ogres proved hard to kill and even the mighty Treemen struggled against them. The Glade Guard were the stars of this match, killing 3 Mornfang, 3 Leadbelchers and numerous Ironguts. In the end it was a 20-0 to John even though i still had two intact units of Glade Guard and a healthy Treeman remaining, however John only lost a sabre tusk and a Ironbalster (to misfire). I had reduced the Mornfang to a model and the Ironguts, General and BSB to 3 models and a handful of wounds but was unable to deliver the killing blow. John was a fantastic opponent and i recommend you go and take a look at his excellent blog Stumpy Heaven.

Pictures from game 3

So there you have it, the wrap up of day one. By the time its published day 2 will have ended so expect the summary of that day during the week. Until next time.


  1. Hey Rex nice write-ups there man (read back to front...part 2 then 1). Some tough match ups for the WE, always a shame to see 1000 year old elves falling to squeaky rats. The new book should bring some joy for you....if you want to look at a "competitive" WE list you should check out some from last years ETC...or get in touch with Nick Lironi-Irvine who is hands down the best WE player (City Guard) I have ever played for some tips and tricks as well as advice on list building.

    1. Cheers Rory, thanks for the advice i will certainly take a look at those lists. I will say that a great part of my defeats was the poor list design. The list i took was actually the second of two lists that i wanted to take, i was unable to take the first because some of the models for it didn't arrive in time to be painted.

  2. Hey Rex,

    Thanks for a great read. Looking forward to your day 2. I agree soe what with Rory's Suggestion. Nick (current President of the Auckland City Guard) and Andy Hudson (Tauranga) are the top Wood Elf players in NZ that I've had the pleasure to play against. If you want to get a hold of either pls facebook our club page.
    Many thanks go out to you and your team for our matchup. Very enjoyable and good humoured games and we look forward to rolling dice against you guys again perhaps in Auckland next time.

    Phil (Team Ham).

    1. Thanks Phil its good to hear you like the write ups, i have considered adding more depth to them and including more details but if people like the brief summary with pictures then thats how they will stay. The Ham round (as it will be known as) was actually better than i let on mainly because Rowan and i had a very enjoyable chat about the next wood elf book after the game, and i believe that the rest of my team found it to be enjoyable as well.