Monday, 24 February 2014

Winter's Stalkers

What with the NZTC only a few days away i have had a massive painting push to get the Wood Elves done, and lo it is so!  I have completed them! Before i go on a few pictures of the finished army.

The final touch was putting the flock on the models. Some of my favorite models have to be the BSB and Treeman Ancient.

These two models had the most time, detail and effort put into them, which is why i rate them so highly. Now you may have noticed that some of the Wood Elves have flock on their cloaks. This was purely a lore choice. Seeing as how the Wood Elves primary method of attack is ambush, and that this army's theme was winter i thought that the way this army would ambush would be to conceal themselves in snow drifts, blend in with the surroundings and launch a ambush when the time was right.

So thats one finished army, hopefully they preform well at the NZTC and blend in with any snow tables in play. Until next time.

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  1. I really like this look. I might steal this idea some day. Great work!