Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Going Foward: 8th Ed Wood Elf Army Lists

What with the excitement of the Wood Elf book dying down it time to around to the serious business of writing army lists with the new Wood Elf army book. As i am going to the Horned Rat on May the 24th and 25th i present my list for that event (note this was a first impressions list, written before i had the book or played a game with the new Wood Elves)

The Horned Rat List

Level 4 on High Magic with Channeling Staff(185+35+15=240)

Level 4 on Life Magic(185+35=225)

Level 2 on Metal Magic (80+35=115)

Waystalker (90)

Waystalker (90)

Glade Captain with the Bow of Loren and the Hail of Doom Arrow (75+30+20=125)

20 Glade Guard with Musician, Standard and Hagbane Tips(15x20+10=310)

10 Glade Guard with Musician and Arcane Bodkins (17x10+10=180)

20 Glade Guard with Musician and Swiftshiver Shafts (16x20+10=330)

6 Treekin (270)

10 Waywatchers (10x20=200)

1 Treeman (225)

Total cost: 2340

The idea of this list is that there is a Glade Guard unit to counter hordes (Swiftshiver Shafts), armoured units (Arcane Bodkins) and high toughness units (Hagbane Tips) with the Waywatchers being able to take on both hordes and armoured units. It is a risk as all the Glade Guard units are low toughness and don't believe in armour but thats why the life mage is in, and a level 4.  The Treeman and Treekin are the clean up crew, they take care of whatever units the Glade Guard cant, or they take care of the reduced units that make through the arrow storm.

So thats the Horned Rat, but what about lists and games that aren't comped by ETC rules. Well here is a list i can talk about more freely, this is Version 5.0 of my Wood Elf list, Version 1.0 being the first Wood Elf list i ever wrote.

Wood Elf List Version 5.0

Level 4 on High Magic with Channeling Staff(185+35+15=240)

Waystalker (90)

Shadowdancer with Level 1 Shadow Magic (100+60=160)

Glade Captian with the Hail of Doom Arrow (60+30=90)

20 Glade Guard with Muisician and Swiftshiver Shafts (16x20+10=330)

20 Glade Guard with Muisician, Standard and Trueflight Arrows(15x20+10+10=320)

10 Deepwood Scouts with Hagbane Tips (16x10=160)

10 Deepwood Scouts with Arcane Bodkins (18x10=180)

3 Warhawk Riders (45x3=135)

5 Sisters of the Thorn (5x26=130)

10 Wardancers with Full Command (15x10=150)

10 Waywatchers (20x10=200)

5 Waywatchers (20x5=100)

1 Treeman with Strangleroots (225+20=245)

Total Points: 2395

This list works on the same idea as the Horned Rat list, only it relies even more so on its shooting. This army can take on all types of unit, from skirmishers, hordes, armoured and high toughness units. This time round i only have the Wardancers, Shadowdancer, Treeman and Warhawk riders for clean up duties but Warhawks lean towards war machine hunters. The Sisters of the Thorn are on Curse of Anraheir duty, they simply throw the spell at the biggest and most dangerous unit to either hold it up for a turn (in which case it gets shot) or they get dangerous terrain tests and fail them on a 1 or 2, which is also good. The Waystalker is there to snipe enemy wizards, whilst the Glade Captain is there for the arrow of Kurnos and to fire the HODA!

So there are my two new and improved wood elf army lists, i think my Horned Rat list will do well (i just took a look at the others and i hope mine will do well). Until next time.


  1. Are you concerned about having too many wizards? Only so many power dice to go around after all.

    1. That is one of my concerns about the list, but we will see. Maybe it wont end up being so bad but that list was made without the book in hand and was the very first 8th ed wood elf list i made, so mistakes were made