Monday, 26 May 2014

The Liebster Awards

Late last week i noticed that a fair few blogs i follow had all done posts about something called a Liebster Award. For those unaware the Liebster Award is a way of promoting small blogs, the way the Liebster Award does this is that when your blog is nominated for the award you nominated a number of other blogs who you feel deserved the extra attention and the way you nominate another blog is by commenting on one of their posts, telling them you have nominated their blog and provide them a link back to your post about the award.

The award in all its glory
I have been nominated once by the Grumpy Guardsman over at Cadia's Creed and once more by Herman over at Wargames Obsession. I would like to thank both Grumpy (who often provides the counter opinion to my own on GW, and is as such a joy to read for healthy debate is a sign of a healthy community) and Herman (who i know from the Kapiti Wargames Club and is a wonderful person in general) for nominating my humble blog. Now for my nominations, i have 11 blogs to nominate so lets get going.

The Imperial Patrol
Jayden has designed a blog that is easy to read, and has been able to articulate his views and opinions on issues regarding 6/7th ed 40k extremely well. He cover Warhammer 40k, Warhammer Fantasy, Flames of War and a few other systems.

A Blog of Blood and Bones
I first met Nick via a email exchange that occurred a while back, during this email conversation i was linked to his blog, and i was impressed by what i saw. Nick has recently converted from 40k to Fantasy and started a Vampire Count army, he is a very good painter and convertor and i would advise that all fans of the Vampire Count army check out his blog.

The Warhammer Armies Project
The Warhammer Armies Project is a blog dedicated to producing quality fan made army books for races that GW hasn't had the time or inclination to make army books for, these races included (but are not limited too) Norse, Amazons, Albion, Cult of Ulric, Hobgoblins, Nippon and many more. All these books are well balanced and produced to a 8th ed standard. Certainly worth a look.

Trouble in the Boarder Provinces
Herman has 3 blogs (as far as i can tell) and Trouble in the Boarder Provinces is his WHFB blog. It will often have quality photoes of well painted models (painted by Herman himself) and it will also occasional have Flames of War related posts, so i encourage you to take a look if you are into either WHFB or FOW.

HMS. Distraction 
Whilst Nick doesn't post reguallry when he does its worth reading. He mainly focuses on issues around WHFB (speacil characters and the, slightly, confusing Sisters of Twilight rules are two such issues)He also posts on various tournaments he attends as well as the occasional battle report.

Stumpy Heaven
I found John's blog whilst looking through various WHFB blogs and his caught my eye instantly. Very well presented and expertly painted models. He also does a very good job writing up tournament reports and has a impressive looking display board for his Dwarves, pictures of which can be found on his blog.

Cadia's Creed
(I know he was already nominated but i felt i should have him here anyway) Whilst i may not agree with everything he posts i can say that he is a very experienced Wh40k player and is quite good at presenting an argument. His posts are generally positive and are as such a joy to read and make a nice change from the negative feel that you get from most other 40k posts.

Scott's Wargaming Blog
One of the things i can say Scott's blog has done for me is seriously tempt me into getting into the forgotten LOTR Strategy Battle Game, GW's forgotten (but seriously popular in its time) Lord of the Rings wargame. Not only does Scott collect and game with LOTR figures he also builds very impressive terrain pieces for the games, over all its a very spectacular blog.

This is a Helmet
This is a Helmet is once more a all 40k blog. The author (whose name i haven't got yet) is a very good writer and painter, he has recently started into the tournament scene and so i eagerly await his reports on these events.

The Hoodling's Hole
This is a fantastic blog for all people who enjoy WHFB, not only does it have a ton of well painted models but it also has a extensive tactica and some of the best tournament reports i have seen to date. Certainly worth a look if you enjoy WHFB.

The other part of this award is answering 11 questions, which i have done below.
Why did you start blogging?
To be completely honest there wasn't any grand reason or plan for why i started blogging. I created this blog waaay back in 2009 but didn't touch it till June last year, i had just started my Wood Elf army and decide to give blogging a go, and here i am.

If you could change one thing about the wargaming hobby, what would it be?

Pricese. I focus soley on Warhammer Fantasy Battle (and GW) and there is a huge dnager of this game becoming a rich persons hobby, where only people with a great deal of disposable income can play because the cost of everything is so high (this goes for 40k as well). I don't want WHFB to become a rich persons hobby, i want it to become more accessible to more people and they simplest way that can happen is by GW lowering its prices.

What is best in life?
To live life how you want to live it, and to pass away surrounded by the trappings and friends of a life well lived.

Do you want to live forever?

No, i think part of what makes human lives so special is the knowledge that our time here is finite, and that this helps us experience life fully

Fame or fortune?
Fortune, not only can you do more to help those around you with fortune but it also means you can go through life as just another human, if you wish. To be famous is to be noticed and to have your quite moments greatly reduced.

What miniature are you most proud of having painted? 
Hmmmm, tricky. Having done this hobby for 7 years its hard to pick out just one, but i would say that the new Wood Elf Treeman model would have to be my proudest achievement painting wise.

How do you deal with burn out?
Video games, TV series and a very well done Role Play series on youtube all help me to relax and cope with the burnout.

Why is a raven like a writing desk?
It has yet to be determined exactly why, but experts believe that its for comedic purposes,

Star Wars or Star Trek? 
Star wars, mainly because when i was far younger it was all i watched/read. That i haven't seen much of Star Trek yet.

If you could only buy from one miniature company from now on, which one would it be?
Games Workshop. I know i rant and rail against them all the time but i do still love their miniatures, and after what they did for the Wood Elf release that wont change anytime soon.

What is your favorite take out?
Burger Fuel, its a local NZ burger take out place, i pity countries that dont have burger fuel.

So there you go, my Liebster Award post. Some of you may have been expecting a Horned Rat Tournament post but unfortunately i became ill Friday afternoon and had to pull out. I am kinda disappointed about that but what can you do with illness. Until next time.

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  1. You don't like 'Hell Pizza'? I liked that on my last visit to NZ. :)
    You tried Kings of War? It's like warhammer except it costs less but your warhammer armies are completely compatible with it.
    Cheers from here