Sunday, 29 June 2014

The Dice Odyssey 2013-2014 Stats

What with the one year anniversary of the Dice Odyssey having come and gone (the first post was on the 18/6/2013) i have decided to start a yearly tradition where, around the 18 of June, i will do a post covering the important stats of the past 365 days, so lets get to it, starting with:

Page Views

Total number of page views: 34,770

Month with the most page views: 7618 (this is probably due to my coverage of the Wood Elf release during this month)

Most Viewed Post:  Pierce the Armour! Wood Elf Review Part 1 with 2220 views

Top 3 Non Wood Elf Realated Posts:
  1.  The Non Wood Elf Post with 701 views
  2.  Mantic Games Vs Gamework Shop with 332 views
  3.  The EA of Wargaming with 218 views

 Post Topics

Total number of topics talked about: 26 different topics

Most talked about topic: Warhammer Fantasy Battles


Total number of published posts: 109

The 100th post: The Solution to Every Problem: Wood Elf Enchanted Arrow Tactics 

Post with the most comments: Mantic Games Vs Gamework Shop with 21 comments

Total number of battles reported (including tournament reports): 21

Personal Wargaming Stats

Number of armies started: 8

Number of armies sold off: 6 (Wood Elves and Orks are all that remain)

Number of Armies painted to completion: 1, Wood Elves.

Number of Tournaments attended: 5

So there you have it, 365 days of stats all from this humble blog. I would like to thank everyone who has viewed, commented on or linked my blog in anyway, thank you for your support, regardless of how you have supported my blog over the past  year you make me confident that whatever the next 365 days bring it will be well received, thank you all.
Until next time.


  1. Over 100 posts in a year is a pretty good output. Not sure about starting 8 different armies in a single year, though. That seems... excessive. :P

    1. Cheers thanks, as for the 8 different armies.........i had a hard time picking a 40k army i liked

    2. Well 3 fantasy armies too :P