Saturday, 5 July 2014

Transmission Incoming, Source Unknown

+++++ Incoming Transmission +++++
+++++ Source Unknown +++++
+++++ Transmission Begins +++++

All right hummies listen up good, iz be waiting, watching, obzersving youz and iz has come to a conculshun: Youz is weak. Youz have been ruling this sector and keeping da boyz down. Dat don’t sit right, da weak shouldn’t be beating da strong, it should be da other way round!

+++++ None verbal audio burst, likely firing of a weapon or the striking of a weapon against a hard surface +++++

My name is Warboss Blackjaw and iz has a message for youz. Da godz gave me a vision, day showed me dis sector in control of da Orks, day showed me youz in chainz at my feet, day showed me boyz beating you wif youz own weaponz and tacticz. So readyz yourselz hummies for iz is coming for ya, and when iz do there will be nowhere ta hide. The time of da Orks haz come and iz going to kick startz itz.


+++++ None verbal audio burst, identified as the repeated firing of a weapon +++++
+++++ Transmission Ends +++++

+++++ The following audio extract is taken from a recorded Ork briefing prior to the battle of Lustrin’s Ridge (C 490087 M41), they recoding was taken by an agent of the Ordo Xenos +++++

All right boyz listen up, da boss has sent da hummies da message and now itz time to make en see we mean buzinezz. Da hummies have dis facilty day call Lustrin’s Ridge, day have diz observatory dere dat must be real important to em, day fink itz safe casue day have one of dem imperial guard mobz guarding it, but weze gonna show em other wize, we gonna take Lustrin’s Ridge and weze gonna showm em a glimpz of da future when da orkz rule dis sector, so gather ya choppaz and sluggaz ladz, itz time to WAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH

+++++ Cries of “WAAAAGHHHH” and the firing of multiple weapons +++++
+++++ Recording Ends +++++

+++++ Request Incoming +++++
+++++ Request for access to all files relating to the Ork Warboss known as "Blackjaw" +++++
+++++ Response Pending +++++ 
+++++ Request Granted +++++

+++++ The following files are classified, spreading this files to a wider audience is considered a executable offense and will be carried out at the earliest convince, you have been warned +++++

+++++ Warboss Blackjaw first appeared in 300.784 m41. His warband appeared in the Eastern Fringe and began raiding isolated colonies in that section of Imperial space. He achieved infamy (and the threat rating Xenos Impertus) when he raided the Imperial Guard armoury world of Serptanus VI and stole most of the weapons as well as taking a great deal of prisoners. After this he raided several Tau colonies and has recently returned Imperial space with his warband being sighted on the outpost world of Kaystan V, his target on this world is unknown. +++++

+++++ Below are recon images of Blackjaw and his lieutenants +++++

+++++ Warboss Blackjaw himself, in this image he appears to be interrogating a prisoner believed to have been taken during the raid on Serptanus VI +++++
+++++ Weird Boyz Lugzar, one of Blackjaw's cheif advisors +++++

+++++ Nob Irongob and his Recon Boyz, believed to be the scouting elements of Blackjaw's Warband +++++

+++++ Nob Rustgor, the leader of one of the 2 mobs of boyz that make up the core of Blackjaw warband +++++

+++++ Nob Klax, the leader of the second mob of boyz. Whlist not the usual stauter of a normal nob he has achived his rank via cunning. In this image he is  uisng a captured gaurdman as a human sheild, the guardsman is belived to be a Serptanus VI prisoner +++++

+++++ File end, file will be updated as more information comes to light +++++
+++++ The Emperor Protects +++++
+++++ Transmison ends +++++

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