Saturday, 25 October 2014

A Shakey Start: Skitterleap Day 1

Day 1 of Skitterleap 2014 has come and gone and while it wasn't the best start i could have had it wasn't the worst start i have ever had, after the cryptic start lets get on with the report.

Game 1: Dawn Attack

Game one was against Neil Wiliamson and his Warriors of Chaos. Dawn Attack didnt do much damage with its random deployment ways and i took first turn. I opened with an attempt to claim the right flank of the table and began this endeavor by shooting away Neil's warhounds and moving my scouts into Neils right flank. My center remained steady and on the left flank i withered the Skullcrushers and shot some wounds off them. Neil began by genelly advancing on the left flank and center while on the right flank he turned his last unit on the right to face the oncoming tide of Elves.

In the Mid Game i generally followed through with my plan, one of the unit of Dryads flank Charged the Forsaken that were in the right of the table, while the other unit of Dryads got charged by the Chaos Knights and Sorcerer (failed Frenzy test). The unit of Waywatchers on the left flank got charged by the Skullcrushers and Dragon Ogres, and evaporated and the Eternal Guard generally backed up trying to keep a front facing to all the targets gunning for them. In the Dryads Forsaken combat the Glade Lord offered support and rear charged the Forsaken (who had earlier one got 4 hits from 18 attacks), they wiped out the Dryads but got run broken by the Glade Lord, they ended up lasting the game. The Chaos knights got killed by the Dryads but the Soccer eventually won and chased them down only to find a group of angry Waywatchers who shot him to bits, and finally Neils remaining units turned to face my Eternal Guard.

In the final stages of the game Valkeria charged the flank of the Eternal Guard as well as the last remaining SKullcrusher, both failed to destroy the Eternal Guard.  Aside from that there was much dancing from my units my much indifference to bow fire from Neil's units. In the end it was a 10/10 draw. Neil was as always a very good opponent who offered some postive feedback on my performance during the game.

 Game 2: Blood and Glory

Game 2 was against yet more of the Mortal Servents of Chaos, this time under command of Sam Whitt. This was going to be tough as B and G allows people to start the game closer to one and other which meant that Sam was going to have a slightly easier time of getting into combat. The game started with me taking the first turn, i began by killing/panicking all the warhound units and by pecking away at varoius chariots. Sam got a early charge in on one of the Dryad units was was eventually wiped out only for the chariot to over run into the Glade Lord who eventually killed it. The Eternal Guard were the unlucky targets of the Demon Prince (who was wounded by said Guard) but they managed to hold on for a few turns. Elsewhere units a unit of scouts, a mage and a unit of waywatchers fell victim to Tzeentch Magics and were destroyed. 

In the Mid Game i lost everything bar 2 units of scouts, a unit of waywatchers, the Glade Lord and the BSB. The Eternal Guard were crushed by the Demon Prince and a BSB (btoh of whom were wounded in the process. I continued my efforts to slowly whittle away at the chariots and generally danced all over the place trying to avoid the scary chaos death machines. 

The final turn was sad, even though i killed a Gorebeast chariot and kept most of the remnants of my army alive my general got charged by a Gorebeast Chariot and a Demon prince, and died horribly. It was a error on my part that i didn't check to make sure that the place i moved him to was clear of all charge arcs, it was a simple mistake that won Sam the game 20/0 as it broke my army. Sam was his usually great self and was a enjoyable opponent. 

Game 3: Watchtower

Game 3 was against the Horde of Night Goblins lead by Skarsnik (and Alix Barclay). I won the Watchtower and placed a unit of ten Dryads in the tower with the goal of moving them out to allow the Eternal Guard in. Elsewhere i shot away from Forest Goblins and a pump wagon while Alix's Goblins generally advanced, castspells and tried to snipe my general with Doom Diver and Rock Lobber shots (all of which failed).

Mid game saw the Dryads overran by a tide of Goblins and it saw me loosing control of the tower. It remained in Alix's hands for the rest of the game although i did try and retake it and it almost cost me my BSB. So i decided to try minimize my lose and take the most expensive units in Alix's army. He assisted me in this by killing his own Giant with one of his Rock Lobber shots. I managed to mop up his Squigs and a few other bits but lost 2 units of scouts and a mage, things weren't going to plan. 

The final phase saw me loose my waywatchers but take Alix's warmachines so it wasn't the worst. Alix's Goblin archers killed over 50% of my Eternal Guard in one round of shooting, which was the best round of shooting ever experienced by Goblin archers. In the end Alix won 14-6 which wasn't the worst result i could have experienced as there were several instances where i could have lost even more than i did. Alix was a great opponent who was brave enough to take a Goblin themed army to a tournament.

So that was the first day of Skitterleap 2014, while it wasn't the best start to a tournament but it wasn't my worst start, and i am hopeful that i can regain some points tomorrow during the final two games. Until next time.