Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Their Number is Legion, Their Name is Death

A while back i started my latest, and at this stage most successful, 40k army. I have always loved the Necrons, the old 3rd edition Necron codex is hands down my favourite codex from a lore perspective as it added a of depth to the 40k universe, it told the story of the first great war of the 40k universe, told us abut the old ones and the Ctan, hinted at the origins of some 40k races and gave the Necrons a faceless, nameless dread kind of feel that painted them as relentless and remorseless killers who couldn't be stopped or talked to. They were 40k's faceless killers, their White Walkers and they were perfect. Of course that's all gone now after Matt Ward rewrote the lore but the old codex still exists and if you didn't read it and you do like the Necron lore then read it, you wont be disappointed.

My Necron army is very much in the old style, they are relentless killers who canted be reasoned with. Below are a come pictures of some of the completed units.

The Necron warriors, i have 30 total (2 squads of 15) with plans to add more

Tomb Spyder complete with victim, he is one of my "Tax" units that i will discuss later.

The Monolith, risen from the snow

The Lychguard, complete with guardian shield. Another "Tax" unit but more useful than the spyder

The Scarabs, it seemed right that the Eldar, the old enemy, should be the victims on my model's bases

The Immortals, a unit with Tesla Carbines is planned
So thats the painted parts of the army. There is a unit of 5 Wraiths waiting to be rebased as  well as a Nightbringer. I also have a old Pariah on the way to be my Overlord.

In terms of tactics i use a Decurion Detachment with Reclamation legion and Canoptek Harvest mainly for the army wide 4+ reanimation saves and the ability to make my wraiths even harder to kill with their 3+ invulnerable save bolstered by the 4+ reanimation. This means i have to take some "tax" units, units i wouldn't usually take as i don't see them as the best choice. These units are taken for the 4+ reanimation save (and army wide move through cover and relentless). The Tomb Sypder falls into this category and the so do the Lychguard as the Wraiths do their job far better. I rank the Lychguard over the spyder mainly because they have a 3+ Invulnerable and a 4+ reanimation making them very hard to kill.

The Nightbringer falls into the same category, but only just. There have been games where he has preformed extremely well and others where he dies first or second turn and doesn't do much at all, i am looking to replace him either with 15 more warriors or a 2nd Monolith and am currently seeking advise on which unit to choose. 

Before i go i feel the need to display my Necron lore cred, to show that my opening paragraph where i praise the 3rd edition book isn't just empty words.

In my view the Imperial Armour Volume Twelve The Fall of Orpheus has the best Necron lore since the old 3rd edition book, it has the Necrons in their relentless, remorseless killers role and is a joy to rad if you enjoy good, 3rd edition eske Necron Lore. Until next time.

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  1. The necron codex did change a lot for the poor guys. It adds all of this...character?...but then maintains a degree of, as you called it, faceless killers, but they now, sometimes, talk to people. It seemed like GW wanted it both ways. You can't have it both ways GW. Stop.

    Anywho, nice minis. Love the dead Eldar.