Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Demons and Cyborgs

What with all the current  WH40k armies having up to date Codexs the natural question is: What Next for 40k? There have been rumours of Adeptus Mechanicus, Death Watch, Gene Stealer Cults and even a Sister of Battle rumour. Today we got solid confirmation of the whats next for 40k and its....well a codex called Khorne Demonkin which appears to be a codex for all things, well, Khorne in 41st millennium.

Behold! Evidence!

This is a very odd thing to release because Codex Chaos Space Marines and Codex Demons exist, both of which allow you to take Khorne units and both of which can be allied with one and other making this release kinda redundant one would think. Now i don't know what will be in this release, perhaps we will see new Khorne units however the issue there is that the units will either be Chaos Space Marine units or Khorne Demon units in which case why a new codex and why not Dataslates for the new units, it would be cheaper to produce than a full codex one would think. This codex baffles me, i have no idea why it exists or who wanted it or even who at GW thought it would be a good idea. Like i said before the ally rules exist so why would we need a codex for an army that we can already make without this codex, its weird.

However the next 40k release after aforementioned one isn't weird, nor does it baffle me. In fact its one i am very excited for. We now have decent proof that we will get an Adeptus Mechanicus Codex for 40k

The Binary Translates to "Hail Mars"
I am exited for this as i have always had a fascination with the Adeptus Mechanicus that goes along with my love of the old Necron lore, the idea that a major Imperial power may have been worshipping a sleeping Ctan on Mars all these years is one of those things that adds depth and mystery to the 40k universe and i am excited to finally do an army of these guys. The plan is to have them connected to my Necrons in some way but regardless i am existed for this release.

So with the Adeptus Mechanicus virtually confirmed the next question is will there be more of these types of releases, will we get Death Watch, Genestealer Cults or even Sisters of Battle, only time will tell but i think it more likely now with this pseudo announcement. Until next time.

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