Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Rumours We Can Trust

As we creep closer and closer to the release of 9th edition Warhammer Fantasy (20th of June is where recent rumours pout it) the rumours become more and more reliable. The recent batch has me excited as it confirms the Two Game Solution, which was what I was hoping for.

For anyone unfamiliar with the rumours I have pasted them below:

– WFB 9th is simply called “Warhammer’

– New rules provide for two games in one:

a) A small scale game with few models

b) A full scale game like the previous WFB

– The small scale game has heavy limitations on models that can be used such as exotic units and units that would be unbalancing at a small scale.

– Triple book format with rules and history split up

– Round bases

– June 20th

– 6 Factions

– Game picks up after the End Times series, taking it into account.


Nothing specific but these do go some way to reassuring WHFB fans that the game will stay the same and will be added to with this Skirmish game.

The reason why I place more credibility in these rumours than others is for two reasons: One being that they explain why some WHFB character packs have been seen with round bases in addition to the square bases, in a way it can be seen as GW hinting at what is too come. The second reason is that all the rumours up until this point have indicated a June release for 9th edition and we have seen in the past how the closer to a point of release a rumour is the more likely it is to be true, what with June being only 5 days away I feel confident in putting my trust in these rumours and also because they confirm what I have hoped would happen with 9th edition, the Two Game Solution

June is shaping up to be a interesting month for WHFB fans, if only due to the fact that we will finally have a new release for the game. At this stage I am cautiously optimistic about what 9th will bring and am looking forward to the coming month. Until next time. 



  1. Round bases? I wonder if they'll push the LOTR/WOTR unit bases for it?

  2. I'm excited/hoping for a box set.

  3. Maybe. Even if it releases well its still a sinking ship.