Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Broadening the Topics

I have decided to broaden the range of topics I talk about on this blog. This is mainly fuelled by my growing lack of interest in what GW is doing and my reaction to the recent pricing for the 10 man assault marine box captures this perfectly. The box is priced at 166 NZD for ten models and a while ago this would have provoked me to write a whole post it, however now all it managed to provoke is mild apathy. We all know GW’s prices are bad and GW’s prices will continue to be bad as long as we buy stuff from them, that’s my whole view on the Assault Marine box price tag.
This growing apathy towards GW is proving positive though as it is fuelling my interest in a long term passion of mine, the Fantasy genre. I have always loved Fantasy as a genre of entertainment and have always found fantasy settings more interesting than historical, sic-fi or any other “Type” of fictional setting for a video game, war game, book, movie, TV show etc. And with my interest in GW waning I have found my interest in the Fantasy genre growing, I spent all of the recent long weekend playing The Witcher 3 and enjoyed every minute of, I found the main and side quests to be far more engrossing and interesting than anything GW ever put out for WHFB.

So expect to see posts about different fantasy related forms of entertainment in the near future, I have several posts about The Witcher 3 already in the works. This is not to say that there will be no wargaming related post, there will be as I still like playing WHFB and 40k but there will be broader range of things talked about. Until next time.


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