Monday, 29 June 2015

This is Getting Old

Over on Plastic Krak Jossy has written a post about some of the information to be gleaned from the recent White Dwarf, i read this post and got sort of fed up. I posted a comment venting my frustration about GW's "Fan Dance" of hints and rumours, here is what i wrote

I don't general swear online (even pseudo swear) but it is a sign of  my annoyance with the company. I am tired of the way the release of the Age of Sigmar has been handled, i am annoyed that we, the customers, still know very little about the game, we don't know the general scale, the mechanics, if AOS is even the main game, we know very little and seeing GW do nothing but a but fan dance of hints and whispers and getting peoples hopes up that maybe, just maybe massed battle WHFB isn't dead is just too annoying. I was ready to give up on AOS and just stikc with 8th because it looked like a skirmish game but now i don't know. Maybe there will still be a new version of massed WHFB but if there is GW wont  say, but instead of saying nothing they speak in hints and rumours, not confirming or denying anything and its getting old.

I have always been hopeful that massed battle WHFB will survive the End Times but i don't like how its been confirmed/not confirmed, right  now i just want to know for sure but GW would rather tease the announcement out, word by word rather than just tell us. Until next time.



  2. the main rules and the unit rules for all our old models will be available for free download on the 4th too. Seems GW is really trying to listen to many of the most common complaints about them.

    New units will come with their rules in the box too.

  3. Of course on the other side of that we're hearing that there are no points costs and unbound is the way you build your army. apparently you both just agree to how many units/models you'll each have and pick whatever you want.

    Not sure how that could possibly work but a store owner on Dakka is keeping us updated as he learns more.

    1. Its looking bad, its also funny that the day after i asked for clarity we get it but now i kinda wish we were back to the wishy washy uncertainty. AOS is just a load garbage really, i have seen the posts by the Store Owner and he raises many good pints about the flaws with the game from a selling point of view