Thursday, 2 July 2015

What a Week

This post has had many false starts, however i think i now have a proper way to start it. Warhammer Fantasy is dead and in its place is an unbalanced, model focused skirmish game with free rules. That is my summary of the week so far in terms of GW news. Before i go on i just want to say this wont be a angry ranting anti GW post, enough people are doing that right now that i dont feel the need to but also i dont want to, not this time.

I wont be getting into the Age of Sigmar, i dont have the time, money or will to start playing a skirmish game made from the corpse of WHFB. In all likelihood i will be playing games of 8th edition WHFB with my Beastmen and Kings of War 2nd edition with my Beastmen (because Mantic is a great company that has released beta rules for Betasmen in KOW, and every WHFB unit has a  profile in this beta list, they did this for Skaven and Dogs of War as well). There have been a few posts here and there from people who have played games of AOS and from what i have heard the game doesn't interest me, to me Mordheim sounds like a better skirmish game than AOS and if i wanted to play it i could just use my Wood Elves or Beastmen for Warbands.

So aside from not playing AOS, sticking with 8th ed and starting KOW what else does this weeks event mean for me and this blog.Basically things will be staying the same aside from a bigger focus of WHFB lore pre End Times. In this way i echo the comments made on the blog The Hoodlings Hole where the author of the blog says:

"..... I think I am still attached to the Warhammer world. You know, the one that doesn't exist anymore. My models are all from that world, and in a lot of ways I feel like I have unfinished business there. There were things I wanted to do that have not happened, but that doesn't mean they never can. The End Times were novel for making things actually progress in terms of events in the world, but there was an agenda behind them (the reset for Age of Sigmar) that I don't think I'm ready to embrace. So for me, my ideal setting remains in the old Warhammer world, before the End Times. Even if I play Kings of War (which has its own setting in a world called Mantica), I think to my mind the games will be taking place in that old Warhammer environment. Maybe I'll do some storytelling of my own."

I agree with that 100% and since GW has disowned the Warhammer World of old i can say that my armies are from that world, a version of that world where the End Times will never happen and this goes for any armies i do in the future as well. I like the old Warhammer World and have no desire to leave it behind.

In many ways for me the AOS will not happen and this blog will be unaffected by it, you may see the odd AOS model used in a future army if i feel it fits the theme but thats it. And just  to prove that i meant what i said about sticking with 8th edition i leave you know with some images of my Beastmen in action against a Dwarf army in a pre End Times battle. Until Next time.

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  1. Have a look at Kings of War, you already have a lot of the models for it. It lacks a few things that Warhammer does (like a flee mechanism) but at least it's supported, its mass combat and Mantic gives a toss about its customers. There are a few guys up your way that will be into it.