Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Let Xenos Kill Xenos

+++++ Message Incoming +++++
+++++ Gamma Level Encryption. Password Required +++++
+++++ *********** +++++
+++++ Password Accepted. Welcome Inquisitor +++++
+++++ Message Begins +++++
+++++  Greetings Inquisitor

We followed the Orks  undetected as per your orders. Their progress was easy to track and we gained valuable insight into the hierarchy of this warband, i have attached all  relevant intelligence to this report for you to review at your leisure. The main point of this message relates to what happened when the warband stopped at a disused Imperial Outpost. The Orks had stopped in order to loot the place of any usable scrap they could find when they found themselves under attack.

The Outpost prior to the arrival of the Orks. Due to their predictable travel path we were able to take picts of it before they arrived.

The Outpost itself

At first we were unaware that the Orks were under attack, there had been some odd noises coming from the east of the outpost where some Grots had been scavenging. Not long after these noises we not only confirmed that the Orks were under attack but we knew who the attackers were. Lining up to the east of the Outpost were the silent ranks of the Necrons standing in perfect formation awaiting some unspoken command.

The Necrons brought with them a "Ctan Shard", this one seems to be of the Nightbrigner varient

The Necrons centered around the ruined buildings opposite the Outpost
The Orks amassed around the Outpost and spread  out in a defensive line, their Big Mek Warlord deployed opposite the Necrons in the ruins.

With a shout the Orks surged forward, Kommandos burst forth from the bush near the Necron lines and a squad of Grots, Killa Kans and a Warboss plus his bodyguard appeared from nowhere in front of the Nightbringer and while i couldn't be sure (my team and i were observing the conflict from some way away) i thought i could see a flicker of a smile pass across the face of the god shard. 

The Orks attempt to head off the Nightbringer
So it begins
Elsewhere the Orks did what Orks do best and began to charge towards the Necron line which waited and waited until, with a silent command, they raised their weapons and opened fired. The Kommandos felt the brunt of the opening volley and with over half of their squad cut down they fled. The Killa Kans and Grots were  also targeted, wiping out the Grots leaving only a single smoking kan standing. The Nightbrigner focused its malice and rage on the nobs, killing one before it charged in with murmurous intent. Under this opening volley the wraiths glided through the ruins hoping to stop the Ork bikes from reaching the Monolith.

The Necron Overlord

The Ork's attempt to gain the Nightbringer's attention worked.
With a low harrowing moan the Nightbringer glided into the nobs a pointed directly at the Warboss. Understanding the universal language of the Challenge the Warboss charged in backed up the chanting of his bodyguard, it would be for nothing as the Nightbringer would go onto destroy the Warboss although the nobs would go onto avenge their leader by destroying the Ctan Shard.

While the duel went on the Orks continued their push forward. The Tankbusters continued to bombard the Monolith and while the Tomb Sypder did repair some of the damage it eventually succumbed and was destroyed. On he same flank the Wraiths and Ork bikers fought each other to a standstill and even though the Wraiths were joined by a horde of Scarab the Orks lasted for a long time, when they were eventually overcome only a single Wraith and Scarab remained. The Wraiths would go onto to engaged the large mob of shoota boys (and get wiped out in the process) while the Scarabs would just get shot to by numerous Orks.

The Necron Warriors and the Immortal bodyguard held position for most of the engagement taking a grim toll on any Ork foolish enough to get close. The Warrior unit closet to the Nightbringer would be charged by the remaining killa kan however neither side would be able to land a blow on the other, the Kan's armour deflecting each warrior's blow while the Necron self repair systems kept the warrior's standing. Eventually a Ork Dreadnought would charge into the combat and break the warrior's and ran them down. 

The Warriors brace for the charge

The Dreadnought moves in to finish the fight
About midway through the battle a high pitched wail pierced the air and a Necron Night Scythe speed onto the field and was instantly fired upon by a capture AA battery. The Flyer took some damage but was able to drop off a unit of Lychguard near the Wraith Combat. No sooner had they been deployed than 2 of their number were cut down by the nearby Tankbusters and while they would find some success against a depleted Choppa Boy unit they would be chipped away at unit the last member as cut down by massed shoota fire.

It was about this time that the Necrons simply vanished leaving the Orks to fire their weapons and loudly proclaim that "Dey where da best". While i cant say i know for sure what the Necron's goal was i do know that while the battle raged there was intense Scarab activity near the ruins where the Monolith deployed and that the Wraiths seemed eager to prevent the Orks from reaching the ruin. My team and i will continue to report on the Ork's progress and any further Necron activity in the sector.

Your Faithful Servant

Acolyte Liojh 

+++++ Message Ends +++++
+++++ Recipients Note +++++

Before i go i just wanted to announce that this blog now has Twitter Account, follow this link to go to the account or search for the TheDiceOdyssey (all one word), it will be mainly used to announce new posts, show off models that i have recently finished painting an allow me to express thoughts to small to warrant their own post. Until next time.

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