Friday, 23 October 2015

Flaming Kings of War

After a too long break i am back, and what a eventful break it was. During that time i was hardly absent from the hobby just uninspired to post about it, but thats over now. What with the shift from Warhammer to Kings of War that has been going on recent (and especially in New Zealand) i have been hard at work converting my WHFB Wood Elves to KOW Wood Elves as well as getting in as many games as i could. Here are the results of my KOW Conversion work. 

I am slowly gaining the hang of Kings of War but it helps that the Elves are my kind of army, elite, small in number and hard hitting. Now that most of the WHFB players in my area have converted to KOW  i feel like i can start speaking about KOW tactics and such about the game.

The other thing that has been taking up my time is Flames of War, Late War. I recently bought second hand a Late War Commando Army and have been painting and playing with them. 

The colour scheme is unusual but after seeing them on the table they look good, really good. They stand out, i feel proud to see them on the table. Its such an unusual reaction to a colour scheme but there it is, i love the look and will try and post a few in battle images over the coming weeks.

So the silence is broken, i am back. Except to see narrative battle reports for KOW (cant wait to get back into those) as well as KOW Tactics and general thoughts about the game. Until next time.


  1. Just a query on the elf basing Rex, do you find them easier to transport as an army that way? I'm loving the dioramic aspect of units with KoW, but have decided to go with keeping the models on individual bases for transportation ease.

  2. Good question, i find transport to be so much simpler now i have moved them to diorama bases, as well as hugely cutting down on the set up time. If you want to risk it (i did lose about 15 Glade Guard when i removed them from the single bases, feet snapping off and such) it will pay off

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  4. Looking nice Rex! I've also gone for the diorama bases. I am so sick of dealing with individual undead and empire figures. Have left my Dark Elves on their magnetised bases though! Just about all of my Empire are done now, and one unit of VCs. But then my SAGA rulebooks and models arrived on Tuesday...Oooh! Look! Shiny!....

    1. It speeds up the games quite a bit when you don't have to set up models, remove models from units and then pack them away again. But it can be a risk to remove them from their bases in the first place.

  5. A good Razer Saw can get between base and foot for clean removal.