Sunday, 7 February 2016

Rediscovering Motivation

It has been quite some time since my last post to this blog, and the main reason for that was lack of motivation. After WHFB was ended and the abomination, also know as Age of Sigmar, took its place my desire to blog dwindled. Even after discovering KOW i didn't feel the need to post about and was content to simply just play the game.

What changed my mind was the creation of a solid KOW community in my local area. In the Greater Wellington region of New Zealand Kings of War has emerged as the THE massed regiment table top fantasy war game and a few new blogs have popped up to discuss the game, all authored by local wargamers (Jerkhammer and Council of War specifically). All that, combined with KOW rising to become my number 1 wargame, has motivated me to restart this whole blogging thing again.

So what can you expect going forward?

- Narrative Battle Reports: I love writing Narrative Battle reports and as i am currently getting  in at least 2 games of KOW in a week it shouldn't be hard to find materiel to work with, plus it gives me a chance to explore the lore of Mantica, the setting of Kings of War.

-Tactics: With about 150 games of KOW (yes, i play that often) i feel like i now understand the age, the units and play styles well enough to start doing tactical articles for KOW.

-Model Reviews: Having seen the as yet unreleased Salamander Models for KOW i really want to do a full Mantic Model KOW army. Until then i will be looking at Mantic Kits that catch me eye and do a full review for them.

-Hobby Updates: What with my Elves almost done its time to start a new army, so why not document the new armies progress online on this very blog.

-Lore Posts: The setting of KOW (Mantica) hasn't got a decent look at so far, which is a shame because their is potential in that setting. Being the huge Fantasy Fan that i am i will be doing a series of posts looking at the lore of Mantica and the background of its many factions.

-Occasional GW Updates: Even thought i don't play their games or care for the lore anymore i still cast a eye their way to see what they are doing and to see if they have even taken the first step to redeeming themselves in my eyes (they haven't yet). There will be no rage this time, only a strong undertone of disappointment.

The above list only covers the things that i can think of right now and i am sure that i will be posting about more that whats listed above. Until next time.

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