Sunday, 14 February 2016

The Greenest of Ladies: Kings of War Tactica

One of my favorite units in the Elf Army is the Green Lady, and so i am surprised that i don't see her appear in more Elf lists. The amount of support she can give your army is well worth the modest cost of 200 points. Admittedly of the bat she looks like a unit to pass on but upon closer examination she becomes a auto include, for me at the least.

The Lady in question
Heal is a powerful spell in Kings of War. For those who don't know Heal is a spell that, for each successful "hit" on a friendly unit reduces the amount of damage that unit has suffered  by 1, and Elves get a additional bonus because the Elite rule effects this roll so you can re-roll Heal rolls of 1. The Green Lady makes this even better by having a Heal Value of 8, one of the highest in the game. On top this she can fly meaning your Heal spell has a effective range of 22 inches which should cover all but your most far flung units. 

The Green Lady is also inspiring, Defense 6, has a decent nerve value of 14/16 and has a Regeneration value of 5+. In short she is a support character through and through but a unusually hard to kill support  character with fly all for 200 points. 

I have been using her for 4 months now and have never once considered dropping her and constantly rate her as a top preforming unit in my army. There are 2 main ways i use her, first and foremost she is a healer and a leader. Often i position her near my main combat units and use her Heal to greatly reduce the damage my units take in a fight, if one of my Tallspear Hordes is facing another Horde this is often all i need to win the long term fight between those 2 units. 

I often have flying hammers in my army, units that can do terrible damage and also fly. In cases where i feel like these units absolutely need to survive i will send her with them and as these units often have decent defense ratings combined with high nerve she basically nullify them enemies attempts to kill them.

The other way i use here is as a charge absorber. Usually models that are rushed into block the flank charge of another unit are done so with the idea that they will die, the hope being that the charging unit will roll a poor overrun roll and not make it into the flank/rear of the intended target. This is not the case with the Green Lady, take the example below where a Tree Herder (7 Attacks, CS 3, Melee 3) is looking to get a flank charge on the Tallspears.

Even though they are a Horde and can probably take a flank charge from such a unit you wouldn't want them too, so you move the Green Lady into the Tree Herder's path.

Lets assume, for this scenario, that the player controlling the Tree Herder is literally a dice god and hits and wounds the Green Lady 7 times (needing 3s to hit and 3s to wound), they would then need to roll 9 twice on 2d6 (Thanks to the Green Lady's Inspiring) and then roll a decent overrun roll to get into the Tallspears, in this example it wouldn't have to be that good but she does have fly so you could just jump her to within 1 inch in front of the Tree Herder's base if you wanted to be safe. 

This is only the most obvoius of the ways she can be used a charge absorber.

The best thing about this last one is that the archers can still fire at the unengaged Forest Shambler unit because she is a individual. 

The best ways to use her will often only be found out during the game when you are desperately looking for a way to stop That charge, and its those moments that you will come to appreciate this unit the most. And until then you have a 200 point, Heal 8, Elite, Flying, Inspiring Individual to use as you will. 

Her only downside, if you can call it one, is that she has no combat ability aside from buying Sabre Toothed Cats but those cost 20 points extra and conflict with her healing role.  If you she her inability to harm enemy units as a downside then thats fine, and maybe if she was more than 200 points you would have a point but at the cost she is her abilities are just right.

If you are a Elf, or Forces of Nature, Player then set aside 200 points from every list you make for this unit. I don't believe in saying that every person who plays X Army should automatically include X unit in their list but for the Green Lady i will make an exception, she works at every points level and you will never regret taking her. Until next time.

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  1. Really interesting way of using a support individual to block charges. I may just have to check this out