Sunday, 22 May 2016

The Path to Call to Arms: Autumn Elves

What with Call to Arms 2016 coming up in August i deiced to prepare new army for the event, or in this case a new take on a old army. 

One of my few grips with KoW is that there is a lack of variety in the army lists, and that while the Elf list is good it doesn't feel like a WHFB Wood Elf list, despite some units that definitely fit the army.  So i decide to take the few units from the Elf list hat could be labeled as Wood Elf units and i made a list from them, the army list that i created is what i would expect from a n army of lightly armoured Elves who fight in primarily Forest or Wooded terrain. 

1 Horde of Kindred Archers w/ Heart Seeking Chant

3 Glade Stalker Regiments

2 Hunters of the Wilds Troops

1 Green Lady's Wild Guard w/ Brew of Strength

1 Treeherder

1 Masterhunter w/ Sabre Toothed Pussy Cat

1 Elf Mage w/ Inspiring Talisman, Fireball (10) and Bane Chant (2)

1 Green Lady

This lost wont change much from now to CTA , which is a departure from my normal practice of changing my list after every game. At most the Horde of Archers may get swapped with a Horde of Forest Shamblers but that will be it.

As a break from my normal Winter theme i decided to paint the army in Autumn colours as i have always rated the Autumn themed Wood Elf  armies as some of the best painted i have seen.  While finding a colour scheme for the basic Glade Guard has been difficult i have found more luck with the characters, mainly the Mage and Green Lady.

The (Brown) Green Lady

The Elf Mage

On top of that i have prepared the bases for 2 Gladestalker Regiments and the 2 Troops of the Wild Hunt. 

Next weekend i hope to finalize a Glade Guard  colour scheme as well as my first Wood Elf bow. Until next time.

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