Tuesday, 31 May 2016

The Path to Call to Arms: Herder of All Trees

Work has progressed on the Autumn Elves this weekend with a now decided upon Colour scheme for the Glade Stalkers as well as the assembly and painting of my Meirce Miniatures Tree Herder.  

The Tree Herder was always the planned enter piece of the army and i am happy that, after being painted, he fulfills that role nicely. 

As mentioned before a colour scheme was decided upon for the Glade Stalkers. When i first decided i wanted to do this army i had planned to go for a bright red, brown and orange scheme but found that i liked the darker autumn colors. 

The model was painted using all Army Painter Colours. The Red is Chaos Red, the Brown is Oak Brown while the metal on the bow is Bronze. The red cloth was dry brushed with Lava Orange and the Brown was Dry Brushed with Leather Brown. The flesh is tanned flesh. And yes, that bow is strung. 

Next weekend i hope yo get to work on The Green Ladies Wild Guard regiment, which is comprised of Wood Elf Wardacners models and the Wood Elf limited Edition BSB. Also i want to do a repaint of the Green Lady after seeing how well the multiple drybrush technique worked on the Tree Herder. Until Next Time.

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