Sunday, 12 June 2016

The (Diverted) Path to Call to Arms: Elf Space Pirates

Progress on the Autumn Elves was non existent this weekend as all my time and effort was diverted to completing my Warhammer 40k Army, Eldar Corsairs. This sudden change was due to me being asked to get the army ready for a show game, and since its mostly done i thought i may as well post the pictures of it for all to see.

The Corsair Prince

The Baron

The Void Dreamer

These are my army's commanders, The Prince, the Baron and Void Dreamer respectively. These three had the most effort both paint job wise and conversion wise and i think they are the best minis in the army.  

The Balestrike Band

The Balestrike Band is the heavy weapon team of the army. They where built and painted over the course of Saturday and i am fairly happy with how they turned out.

The Malevolent Band

The Malevolent's are the close combat specialists of the army as well as being slowly corrupted by the will of Slannesh. As such they have a different colour scheme from the rest of the army and they have a blood effect on their flesh, thought how that relates to Slanneshi corruption is still something i have to figure out. 

The Ghostwalker Band

The Reaver Band

The Reaver's and Ghostwalker's are the core troops of the army. The Reaver's are the mainline squad will the Ghostwalker's are the snipers and recon troops.

The Wasp Assault Walkers

The Wasp Assault Walkers are just a fancy name for War Walkers, with jet packs. They are fairly fragile but can be fitted out with a wide variety of weapons. 

So thats the Corsair's done for now. I am happy that they are done because now i can do narrative battle reports with the army. Next weekend i will be back on track with the Autumn Elves. Until next time.


  1. Cool ideas, I particularly like the look of the baron and the ghost walkers

    1. Cheers. The prince was the first model i did for the army and i am happy with how he turned out.