Monday, 6 June 2016

The Path to Call to Arms: Long Weekend Edtion

Despite having a Four Day Weekend progress on the army was slow, this is solely down to The Witcher 3, a Fantasy RPG video game, getting a new expansion on May 31st, however some work was done. All the Characters for the army are completed and work as been started on the first regiment.

While the regiment is only five models in i am pleased with the progress so far and am looking forward to seeing what the completed unit looks like. 

The Green (Brown) Lady got a new painted job, actually she got four as i struggled to find one i liked. Her current one is pretty close to what i wanted her to look like. 

And finally i was able to complete my Master Hunter. This was a case of me being happ that the model was done, so while the paint job may not be up to my liking it fits with the army's overall theme.

And thats the sum total of my progress for the long weekend. While its not alot i am happy with what was done and hopefully next weekend i can finish off the unit i started this weekend. Until next time.

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  1. The Witcher is a terrible time sink but very addictive. You should be pleased you got this much done. Loving those archers.