Friday, 8 November 2013

Wood Elves in Retrospect

Its been 5 months since i started my wood elves, during that time i have been in 3 tournaments and countless club games with them, i have learned a lot and and gained valuable tactical insight.  Until recently i have been running a 3S army, that being: Sticks, Shooters and Spells.  Now this army build relies on the glade guard shooting off or panicking infantry units and the treemen stomping on the others. However there a few issues, the first being that there aren't enough treemen (yes 3 isn't enough) to hold the line and block the infantry units, and the glade guard often cant do enough damage to shoot off or panic their units.

So the list has gone through a revision, gone is the 3S structure and in is a more close combat list, with glade guard being swapped out for Eternal Guard, and the Treeman Ancient swapped out for a close combat Highborn. The idea being that these close combat units go after the toughest infantry units with the treemen breaking (in theory) any bus unit on the field. Also included is a unit of wardancers who double up as a bunker for the level 4 spellweaver. So the new standard list looks something like:

Wood Elf Highborn w/ Twilight spear, Armour of the Fey and the Amber Pendant

Level 4 Spellweaver w/ Wand of the Wych Elm and Iron Curse Icon

Wood Elf BSB w/ Hail of Doom Arrow

Level 2 Spellsinger w/ Divination Orb

20 Glade Guard w/ Full Command and Banner of Eternal Flame

20 Glade Guard w/ Full Command

20 Eternal Guard w/ Full Command and Razor Standard

9 Wardancers w/ Musician



So in hindsight focusing on glade guard wasn't the way to go with so few combat units to finish off the weakened target. Hopefully this new list will be able to stand up in combat whilst still providing enough fire power to damage dangerous units. Untill next time.

Rex "I love trees" Foote


  1. You should try more bows. I have had quite a lot of success with running a TMA with nettlings, life lvl4, HODA BSB, treeman, 2eagles, 3x8 dryads, 5 wild riders, unit of 17 glade guard with flame banner and then 5 or 6 units of 10 glade guard (however many fit). Keep the army moving, maximise shooting on single targets and avoid combat except for the trees that double team stuff. Struggles a little vs the top lists in today's meta, but shouldn't be a list that loses big when gets a bad match up.

    1. I have been using the treeman ancient with nettlings for some time now and while he is great in combat i find that as a general he doesn't cut it, because he is usually away from the front lines and fighting the strongest enemy character/unit he can find. With the new set up i plan to be keeping the new boss and his unit near the bow line so he can give his LD 10 to the most units possible.

    2. Hmm I would really encourage trying an extreme msu avoidance shooting list. It has been internationally the most successful build for woodies and all us old school woodie generals very quickly switched to it away from the combat orientated approach of 7th edition.