Sunday, 19 January 2014

Dark Rumors

So at some point last night the rumor blog Faeit posted rumors, which among other things, stated that Beastmen, Bretonnia, Tomb Kings and Wood Elves (gasp) would be discontinued due to Games Workshop loosing money. 

Now my first reaction to this was shock, wood elves are the one army i truly enjoy playing and to have them discontinued would be a big deal for me. However after the initial reaction i grew skeptical: Why would Games Workshop discontinue Tomb Kings? They got a 8th Ed book and it would make no sense for them to shelve a army they recently revitalized. 

I think that this rumor is wrong. It would make no sense for GW to shelve 4 fantasy armies and no 40k armies. On top of that its been stated many times that there is a 8th ed wood elf book awaiting a release window, so it comes back to the question why would GW shelve an army that they have recently updated (unless the rumors about the 8th ed wood elf book are also wrong).

At the end of the day only time will tell, i expect that something as big as discontinuing 4 armies from its oldest game would be something that GW would have to announce, i doubt that the armies will simplify vanish without a trace from the GW website.

For anyone who still thinks that this rumor may be true, or just wants a bit extra reassurance i advise you check out the Warseer thread on this topic (link found here), there you will find a lot of reasoned and logical as to why this rumor is unlikely to be true. Unil next time.


  1. I saw this, this does not seem likely, though they may significantly slow down the updates/new models for them. 4 armies is a drastic measure

    1. Yeah, like many people on Warseer have said it wouldnt make sense for GW to remove a quarter of its playable armies for fantasy

    2. Now perhaps they may be collapsing them into army books ala black templars. Than makes a little sense, ie have a sub army within a large army book. So empire can also field bretonnian's as an alternate. Rules are consolidated so less books to produce and they could double tap certain units so they don't have as many models. Dual kits for empire/bretonnian archers and such. Keeps the armies alive and cuts costs at same time

    3. Thats a good idea, however that would require Intelligent thinking at GW, and as their continual rising of their prices shows this is currently lacking

  2. I'm keeping a firm eye on my salt shaker

  3. Im user in a spaniard forum where a guy has become a trustful rumourmounger, he says Wood Elves are just around the corner, and he for example told us about all the Dwarfs new boxes 2 months ago.

    I wouldnt worry about it.