Saturday, 12 April 2014

A Fantasy i Wouldnt Play

Hot off the back of 7th ed 40k rumors comes 9th ed Fantasy rumors, i will repost them below for context. (once again the rumors comes from the blog Faeit 212)

- the next fantasy edition is no continuation of the 8th edition. It uses a  variant ruleset of 40k now  
- Fantasy has no movement value anymore, but a armour saving profile - there are still armour savings modifiers
- all special rules use the 40k rules
- units move like 40k units, but can assume one of three formations, block,  tortuga and arrow
- fantasy flyers can only be hit with minus three to the ballistic talent  and can hit models under their flight path  
- there are allies in fantasy
- war machines are their own category like special and core now, 25% of  points can spent on war machines  
- there is a system to buy terrain
- warlord tables, but can choose which trait to get 
- weapons have a profile like 40k but no armour ignore column

This would be awful, in my opinion. Don't turn Fantasy in 40k, the reason why i have enjoyed Fantasy so much over the years is its distinct ruleset, and i have come to enjoy that ruleset. Removing movement values is a stupid idea. So now Dwarfs can move at the same speed as Elves?. There isn't a single rumor in that list that i like. Warlord tables, buying terrain and allies are all things that shouldn't stay in 40k and have no place in the Fantasy rules set.

But why do i think that? Its simple, i like that Fantasy is different from 40k, that the different game systems require a different understanding of he rules and a different set of tactics. I see no reason why the two systems should be so similar. I can say, with no actual research done on this, that the vast majority of Fantasy players would hate fantasy turning into 40k with a different skin. I usually avoid saying things like this but if these rumors are true then i will not play 9th ed Fantasy, i will simply continue suing the 8th ed ruleset and completely ignore 9th ed and all its, rumored, stupidity.  Until next time.


  1. I thought 40k was gonna be more like fantasy, not the other way around.

    I think they are just trying to save the dying game of fantasy. They are doing this buy giving every access to the rules of both sets in the hope a 40k player might feel less hindered in joining fantasy. But who knows, its probably not true anyways. I dont doubt there is some new rule set coming soon, but thats a pretty radical change. I mean this will mean your wood elf book will become quickly out of date again haha

    1. If Fantasy is dying then nothing will kill it faster than this. If these rumors are true then Fantasy players will leave fantasy in droves and go find another Fantasy Wargame that isnt made by GW. Also i refuse to play 9th ed fantasy is it is going to be like this. I will continue to play 8th ed until another, better, edition is released

    2. I dont believe this rumor, but if it was to be true I can see what they are doing. But yea no reason you cant play older editions. Just have to avoid tournaments I guess.

    3. Yeah, but its a price i am willing to pay. I really dont like the ides of doing this to Fantasy

  2. Fantasy is not dying, A few loud mouths from North America saying so do not make it fact. Fantasy still outsells 40k in many regions.
    These rules rumours are also fabrications. 40k has been progressively moving closer to the fantasy ruleset over the past 4 editions. Allies are already part of the core ruleset in 8th edition

    1. These rumors have, in a way, been a good thing. The reaction to them shows GW how utterly opposed Fantasy players to the idea of 40king Fantasy.