Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Dwarves, Dwarves, Dwarves: Runefang Day 2

Day 2 of Runefang is over, and so i present to you my wrap up of day 2 of Runefang Day 2.

Game 4: John Murrie

Dwarves from Stumpy Heaven (John's Blog) complete with flaming cannon fun! The scenario was Battle for the Pass, the long table edge deployment scenario. I put both units of Dryads at the front of my deployment zone with both Treeman/Kin/Highborn units behind the Dryads for missile protection, and placed the Glade Guard with BSB and Lifeweaver on my far right flank facing down John's Crossbow Dwarves.  He placed both his Organ Gun and Flaming Magic Death Cannon on a hill close to the edge of his deployment zone, he placed his Hammerers with Lord in front of said hill and both big warrior blocks to ether side of the Hammerers with both unit of Crossbow Dwarves facing down the Glade Guard.  My opening move was to push everything bar the Glade Guard forward with one of the Treeman circling round the circle undead hill thing. I HODAedTM a unit of Crossbow Dwarves to little effect oh and John smashed a Treeman to death with the Flaming Death Cannon. John also moved a Dwarf Helicopter around the hill thing to face down my sneaky Treeman.

Deployment and Early game (1-2)

Mid Game saw my time to go on the offensive with both units of Dryads charging the warriors blocks and the Treekin charging the Hammerers. John counter charged with the Gyrocopter into the flanking Treeman. While the that action was going on i the Lifeweaver Dwellered the left flank warrior block and killed John's BSB and a Runesmith. The Glade Guard got shot at a ton and did a little dance with a Gyrocopter that was rather inconclusive.
The big combats went on throughout the Mid Game. The Hammerer combat was one sided with the Highborn failing and loosing his Ward Save on the first wound and then dying. The Dryad combats went back and forth with the warriors failing fear checks one turn and passing them the next. Regardless of all this these 3 combats went on without conclusion.  One rather small but important combat was the Gyrocopter Vs Treeman fight that saw the Treeman fail to kill the Copter for 4 rounds of combat, this prevented him from intervening in the right flank Dryad Warrior combat which in turn saw the Dryads eventually loose that combat. The high point of the game came when i threw 6 dice at Dwellers on the left flank warrior block that also contained one of John's Runesmiths and his BSB, both of whom died and probably was the main reason why the combat went on so long.

Mid Game (3-4)

End game was mainly a mop of my forces. John's troops finished all combats in his favor, evaporated the lifeweaver with a organ gun and blew up the Treeman with the standard issue magic flaming death cannon.

End Game (5-6)

In the end it was 19-1 to John (thank you Dwellers). It was a hard fought game against a tough as nails army and a experienced Dwarf players. I would like to thank John for a good well fought game, he was a excellent opponent.  

Next up was the part of the event where everyone laid their armies out on the table for the best painted votes to be made. I took photos of all armies and present said images below.

Rex Foote (of Course)-Wood Elves
John Murrie-Dwarves

Charlie Lloyd-Tomb Kings

Will Hoverd-Ogres

Pete Williamson-Bretonnians

Ryan Lister- Warriors of Chaos

Alastair Allan-Dwarves

Alan Hughes- Skaven
Mike King-High Elves
Neil Williamson-(Blurry)Warriors of Chaos
Sam Whitt-Tomb Kings

Game 5:Alastair Allan

More Dwarves?!?! Yes Indeed and this time lacking the flaming magic death cannon, apparently it got lost in the mail. Regardless the lack of said cannon boosted my morale this could be a chance of a come back! I deployed my Glade Guard on a hill forest that turned out to be a blood forest, this meant that my mage was not to join them. The Treekin took the center, with one unit of the Dryads joining them and the other unit taking the far left, finally both Treeman took the far right, the mage took the center and the BSB buddying up with the Treeman. Alastair put the combat meat of his army on the center/left flank and the bulk of the shooting on the center right, and very importantly a unit of thunderers in a marsh of quicksand and a unit of rangers shadowing the Treemen. The game opened with me going first and just madly shoving all my Forest Spirit units forward. I also unleashed the HODA on a small unit of Irondrakes and only killing 3.Alastair's turns involved bracing the line and firing a few shots off at the advancing hordes and killing a few. On and the Gyro-bombers/copters attacked the Glade Guard and a unit of miners appeared on the flank of the right Dryads.

Deployment and Early Game (1-2)

Mid game saw aggressive actions on all fronts. A unit of Dryads and a Treeman charged Belgar Ironhammer's unit of Ironbreakers, the Treekin rather unsuccessfully charged a unit of Thunderers and the other Treeman moved into strangleroot range of the Irondrakes. The Treekin charged the unit of Thunderers in the quicksand and lost the Highborn and 4 Treekin, its really to painful to talk about. The Glade Guard, BSB and mage tried to kill the Gryro Fleet, and failed, and the Dryads ignored the miners and hurried forward.  The Dwarves responded to this effort by killing the Treekin, winning the Ironbreaker combat and forcing the Treemanand Dryads to flee. In later turns the Ironbreakers would charge the other Treeman and force him to run, catching him and forcing the other Treeman off the board.By the end of the Mid game things were in tatters. 

Mid Game (3-4)

End game was the end of the long slope, the Glade Guard fled, then rallied, then fled. The BSB beat a Gyrocopter in combat then died to a small unit of rangers. The fleeing units of Dryads rallied then did nothing, and the other unit of Dryads where chased off the board. By this point it really was game over for me. Alastair had done a decent job of cleaning up my army and he won 20-0, he was a excellent opponent who was polite will annihilating my puny elf army.

So that was Runefang, and while the games were a loss i found the tournament the most relaxed and enjoyable i have been to in a while, and i eagerly look forward to the Horned Rat, not just because i get to use the new Wood Elf book. Until next time.


  1. OUCH! Wow...I don't really know what to say except my condolences dude. At least you had a fun time and most players wouldn't say that after those games so that says great things about you. Hope the new books opens all kinds of opportunities for you.

    1. Thanks man, and yea despite getting repetitively squashed it was still a really fun weekend, I get the new book on the day it comes so its only 4 more days at this point

  2. Thanks for the efforts you go to on your reports Rex, it is very much appreciated. Keep at it, it can only get better.
    Shame you failed your fear test when taking a picture of my army.

    1. Thanks Neil, i deiced to change how i do tournament reports so that readers could feel as if they were there, and my old style just didn't do that. As for fear tests and your army, what can i say that Galrauch is unsettling sight

  3. Nice write ups Rex and great photos I'm going to have to borrow a couple for my own write up if that's OK Love the photos of Charlies army its just superb. Enjoyed our game it could have gone oh so differently had that Gyro not held up the Treeman as it did. That and I don't think you expected my to advance straight at you - when you magiced off my BSB and one Runesmith I was seriously worried particularly when your shooting kept hitting me.

    You must be happy as larry with the new WE models coming out and the hints of the new rules. The new models look fantastic.

    1. No problem John borrow as many as you need. Its good to hear that you enjoyed the game it was balanced on a knife edge there for a bit but you pulled though, so well done on a hard earned win.

      As for the Wood Elf release, all i will say (to avoid a 3 paragraph comment) is that Saturday cant come fast enough.