Thursday, 10 April 2014

The First Light of Spring. New Wood Elf Rumors

After getting into work today i took a look at my blog roll and happened to notice a post of the blog Faeit 212 about the up coming Wood Elf release, here is the meat of that post:

Wood Elves are coming in May, and we have some details to the extent of the release, and hints on how a 9th edition will work with skirmishers. There are three new plastic kits, an armybook, and magic cards coming. It looks like a good release for Wood Elves.

Please remember that these are rumors, but are from a good source. As with all rumors a little salt is always required.
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Wood Elves are out in May. They get only a two week release - armybook, magic cards and three plastic kits. It is not a total overhaul and their finecast kits - even the cavalry plastic-finecast-kits - stay valid. The only exception is the eternal guard. They are dropped completely. The models can be used as war dancers.

One of the new kits is special because it can be used for several different units. You can build either three hawk riders, which are one hawk and two surfers now, or three giant owl-like monsters called stonefeathers and six waywatchers. On top of that you can build a hero on hawk or on foot. 

The second kit is a war dancer combokit. The second unit wears varying animal masks and shields made of pelt on wooden frames. They have animal claws as weapons. 
The last kit is tree ancient and meadow hag. The former is a giant-sized tree man with a huge beard made of bark. The latter has a crown of leaves and she has a skirt of roots instead of legs. Her hands grow into a web of thorns. 

The rest of the range stays as it is, the finecast kits probably mail order only.
The wood elves have very dynamic poses because almost all their units are skirmishers again and the sculptors didn't have to worry about spacing. Skirmishers work seamlessly 
 with other regiments in 9th edition, so there will be no problem with this play style
So what is my view on this? Well i am relived that we will only be having a two week release, this is because when the wood elves got redone for 6th ed the entire range was redone, so we have a fairly current model range that doesnt need updating. Secondly we wont have to endure waiting until week 3 of may for our army book like the dwarfs did.
As for the actual rumors themselves the dropping of the eternal guard is interesting, while i do have a unit i wont be that sad to see them go as they need buffing before i would take them again. New unit wise the names and models sound interesting but i wont say more until i see some rules.
All in all this is good news for Wood Elf players, a short sharp release is just what we needed to make our army playable. I early await more rumors and, of course, May. Until next time.


  1. A whole army of Skirmishers is going to be very interesting, wonder how many will be getting Scout and/or Vanguard. Good to see your finally getting your new book

    1. Yeah that does sound interesting, very themey.

      I actually had to double take when i saw the post as Faeit has been posting a lot about the new IG release so i didn't quite believe it when i glanced over it. It was a good way to start the day

    2. Not sure if this is relevant, but a friend pointed me towards the rules dump yesterday. I don't now how accurate this is or where it came from, so don't blame me. But my friends are talking about this for some time now. If this is true, all units are skirmishers in the next edition.