Tuesday, 22 April 2014

The Forest Awakens!

What an exciting 24 hours it has been for all us Wood Elf players/fans. It started with the 36 second teaser (which featured the sleepy treeman yawning a some Bretionna Men at Arms) and now we have this:

Its a Treeman, but not like we know them (Turns out is the Durthu Model)

 My first reaction was: Is that a Treeman?, then: Wow nice sword. I have to say i am conflicted, the evolution of the Treeman model is quite interesting as first you had the "Man made of wood" Treeman

5th ed Treeman.Note it looks like a man made of wood
Then we had the 6th ed 'More Tree than Man" Treeman:

6th ed Treeman. Its looks like a tree, aside from the face
And now we are back to the man made of wood Treeman, complete with sword. I don't quite know what to think, i so far have liked both 5th and 6th ed Treeman but the 8th ed Treeman? I would have get a better picture of it before making up my mind.

Update 1, more pictures and White Dwarf rules:

So what can we tell from that? That the Forest spirit rule now gives a 6+ Ward save, Forest Strider, Immune to Psyk and magic attacks. Also note that the Wood Elf Character has ASF, confirming that Wood Elves will have ASF. Also looking at Durthu's profile i dont hold much hope for the Ancient getting a buffed profile

Update 2 the Sword Treeman is Durthu

Update 3: Rules everyone!! Take a look (these came from Faeit)

Don't have the wd with me but I got to look through it.
Wood elf swords look to have fight in extra ranks and armour piercing now (the hero has one but the name is just asari sword)
The wood elves have both high and dark magic. Didn't catch reference to athel Loren lore but it might be in there. 
Forest spirits looks to be 6++ and immune to psych 
Mention of 13 spirits included on treeman kit, makes both regular durthu and ancient (which has a staff). Durthu is lvl 1 beast, has lement of despair 2d6 str 2 kb.

I am sad about the Forest Spirit Ward Save going to a 6+, and am highly skeptical that Wood Elfs' would get access to the Dark Elf, High Elf and its own lore. Thats 3 lores before you get to the rule book lores.

Update 4: More Rules:

Army wide rules:
Always strikes first, hatred beastmen, forest strider, no penalty to move and shoot with bows, and all bows both magical and normal re roll 1 to hit and add +1 strength at half range.
All elven wizards have +1 to cast lore of athel loren
Wardancers and waywatchers are unchanged bar waywatcher at half eange are both s4 and have killingblow
Warhawks have the old hit and run rule.
Eternal guard are unchanged bare the weapons. The searath is a spear that gives +1 strength
Mantle of the asrai gives a 6 plus ward and mantle of kurunos gives a 6 plus armour save.
Wild riders gain frenzy
Forest spirit rule gives units immune to psycology and a 6 plus ward save 

Firstly one thing that was not mentioned was that Wood Elves have access to High, Dark and Athel Loren Lores, so i was wrong and am very happy to be wrong on that point. Now i am happy to see that all bows in the army get S4 at short range and that the Eternal guard are not being dropped and get a +1 Strentgth weapon. Also we hate Beastmen, so yaay.

Over the next few days a i expect a fair few Wood Elf rumours, so instead of doing one post per rumour i will constantly update this post, so check back here for rumours with the addition of witty commentary. Until the next rumour.


  1. I have to say I don't like the look of either of those new models. They seem way OTT... and the sword wielding one looks like some odd Eladar Avatar thingie... unless that's the tie in to their futuristic stuff they are after?
    Yay I liked the 5th ed one - I still have one that I repainted relatively recently - I now use it as an LOTR Huorn or "Enting", with Cave Troll stats :-)

    1. I have one 5th ed Treeman (currently my Treeman Ancient) and two 6th ed ones, so i will probably end up getting the new one just to see what it looks like "In the flesh". As for the Avatar comparison i have heard that twice today, what makes even less sense is that that model is the the Durthu model, whats a treeman special character doing with a sword?

    2. I love the standard Treeman but the other two are very odd in my opinion. Great for Eldar Exodite players though.

      The ancient and the character with weapons looks very odd too. But huge fan of the standard tree man. It seems trees get ugly with age. :P

      All in all, after a few hours of thinking, I think these are better than the old ones aesthetically, but don't quite capture the wood elfyness.

    3. They are all interesting models, granted. But i will hold off my opinion on them until i get the models