Sunday, 2 November 2014

Slow Progress: Skitterleap Day 2

Its now been a whole week since day 2 of Skitterleap so i felt that it was about time i did the day two tournament report, so here it is.

Game 4: Battle for the Pass

Game 4 was against Robert Higgins and his pirate themed Ogres. His list had some issues for me, mainly the two Ironblasters but also the fact that the majority of his troops were toughness 4 multi wounds killing machines. Thankfully said killing machines had little to no armour so that was something to go on.

He got the first turn and began by trying to kill the Glade Lord and his Eagle with the Ironblasters, thankfully they only did a total of one wound to the Glade Lord throughout the entire game. Otherwise he generally advanced towards my own lines with a few bouts of combat between Dryads and ogres. Those combats were all my doing as i tried to halt the ogre advance for as long as i could to get as much ranged damage as i could in,  Pit of Shades came in handy here as it one shot quite a few ogres from the Leadbelcher and Bull units. Finally i cleaned up the Gnoblars in Roberts Deployment zone with a unit of Scouts and Waywatchers.

Mid/end game saw aggressive moves from both of us. I charged a unit of Ironguts from two directions at once and then chased them down as they fled as well as shooting the last of the bulls dead. Robert combo charged the Eternal Guard who were left exposed after the charge against the Ironguts, and he manged to get a final turn charge on a unit of Waywatchers who were promptly eaten. He also tried to kill the Glade Lord on the last turn but instead blew up an Ironblaster, yaay dice. The game only went for 4 turns as mine took longer than usual as i had to careful consider each move in order to avoid getting caught by the ogres. Regardless the game was a lot of fun and Robert was a great opponent.

Game 5: Battleline

Game 5 was an Elf-Off against someone who i had been hoping to play against this tournament, Bo and his High Elves.  I got the first turn and started by shuffling all my units bar the Dryads to one corner of the board, away from the High Elves. Bo opened by throwing his Phoenix right in front of my amassed archers, challenging them to take it down in one turn or get charged and killed. They almost killed it in one turn and the Phoenix charged in the next, only to fail the catch the unit it beat in combat, it proceeded to get shot down in my next turn. Elsewhere Final transmutation turned many Wood Elves to gold but to little over all effect as the High Elves scrambled to catch the Wood Elves.

In the mid game i went for a combo charge on the Sea Guard unit with the Mage General in it. The Dryads took the flank while the Glade Lord took the front, this went poorly and resulted in the death of the Glade Lord and the Dryads, and the Sea Guards/Mage General survived. After that Bo's units held back while mine shot at the few units that strayed too close, Final trans was used a fair few times to little effect, there were a few more gold Wood Elves but nothing really came of it. In the end the game was a 10/10 draw ending the tournament as i began it. Bo was a gracious opponent who i look forward to facing again in the future.

So what did i learn from this tournament? The main thing is that i am on the right track with the Wood Elves, a MSU combat avoidance list is the list i am getting familiar with and all that is needed to get the list perfect is a few more tweaks. Oh and the Eternal Guard are a waste in the list, points heavy and fragile they simply aren't what i need in my list. The Glade Lord on Eagle was a very good option and he managed to earn quite a few points for me, and he will be returning in future lists. So while my end result wasn't what i was aim for (third from last) the game results are a sign of slow progress, in this event last year i came dead last and got 20/0ed 4 out of the 5 games, slow progress but progress non the less.

One last thing before i go i want to plug the up coming Inepticon tournament in December. The event is being run on the same weekend as the Masters and has limited places open, the key details are below.

Tournament Details
Tournament Registrar: Samuel Campbell
Tournament Umpire: Nicholas Jebson
When: 6th – 7th December 2014
Where: Kapiti Community Centre, Ngahina Street, Paraparaumu
Start Time: Arrive at 8:30am for a 9am start each day.
Player Pack (if you are having issues viewing the player pack then right click on the file and choose the open with option and choose your standard PDF viewer)

The  event promises to be fun with random objectives and a round where players swap arimes, oh and i plan on taking a list with both Orion and Drycha, so that will be fun. Until next time.

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  1. I think we need to have a Firestorm Tournament soon, you are pretty good at the game so your spirits should be lifted even more! You seem to oust me in both our games haha.

    Some progress is better than none though.