Friday, 5 June 2015


The title of this post accurately reflects my reaction to the rumours that appeared yesterday regarding 9th Edition Warhammer Fantasy

Of course i am still hopefully that these rumours are untrue but it looks unlikely at this stage.


  1. pretty much my reaction as well feel like as a fantasy player who collects 3 armies at 2500pts + each and now im unsure what to do
    I will wait for the new edition before I make a final judgement but considering that my fav army is beastmen I feel like what they are doing to the background and the rules will put me off literally the only thing good is the skirmish idea but if round bases turn out to be true and compulsory I will feel let down but anyway I will wait to judge until I have new edition in hand and try it for a bit never know after all

    1. Tough times for us WHFB fans, now all we can do is wait and see. And remember that if 9th is bad we can still always play 8th

    2. not really an option unfortunately the only place that I can play near me just so happens to be a GW store I also have just heard that triumph and treachery is being pulled which is a real shame as it is the most fun I have had when playing fantasy :(

  2. I really hope they not are turning the game in to a skirmish game and remove most of the armies :/