Thursday, 9 July 2015

Raging Against The Rage

One of the most interesting responses to the Age of Sigmar release has been from the people who like and support the game and what makes these responses interesting is how many of them are aggressive and snarky. The defenders of the game seem almost offended by the negative response to the game and thats where they lose me. Sure feel free to like the game but to attack those who don't like goes too far.

Right now every WHFB fan has good justification to feel pissed as the game they liked/loved had been scraped in favor of a kid friendly game littered with holes and flaws (a surprising amount of the for a game with 4 pages of core rules), its not like WHFB fans are being unreasonable when they slam AOS and decry it. And thats why i say that when the defenders of AOS attack those who don't like it they go to far, fans of WHFB have every right to vent at the demise of the game they enjoyed. Of course the same goes for people who don't like the game attacking those who do. Its perfectly alright to like the game and no one should come under attack for simply liking the game.

Emotions are running high right now. Despite what some "Internet Tough Guys" would have you think there are people who invested alot in WHFB and have felt genuine sadness at what has happened. The idea that because WHFB is just a wargame some how means that people aren't allowed to care about it and feel sad that its gone is a stupid idea, different people value the same thing differently and no one should be made to feel shame for their reaction to what happened to it. Anger is a natural response to this kind of thing as is sadness and the people who should feel shame are the ones telling others to "Get over it" as if they had some right to tell others how they should feel about this.

To summarise people will react differently to Age of Sigmar and no one should feel shame for those feelings. I have noticed a number of authors of Bell of Lost Souls seem to be spending a disturbing amount of time telling people "Get Over It" and similar Internet tough guy bullshit so i am going to tell you the opposite. Your reaction to the Age of Sigamr is nothing to feel ashamed of, if you valued and cared about the Warhammer World and the game then you have every right to feel sad about recent events. The best advice i can give would be to take a break from the Warhammer Blogs and let all the emotion die down before returning, the blogs, forums and newsites will still be here when you get back. And while you are having a break why not play a game of 8th edition. Until next time.


  1. I think it's important to remember to take a step back when emotions start running high. It'll be ok in the end. In the end it's a game with beautiful painted mini's we all love. Everyone needs to try and remember that. Rampaging through warhammer world and screaming at staff isn't going to provide any sort of solutions! (these things have actually happened!).

    It's a new massive overhaul and release, and it'll take time to sort it all out! You can be mad, you can be sad, and you can be indifferent, but above all else, we should all learn some GD patience and chillness!

    1. Running through Warhammer World screaming at staff eh? That is taking things to far.

      I also think that people who support AOS need to learn that being snarky wont win them any friends, snarks seems to be the common response on the interest and it gets old very quickly

  2. I'm an apologist but I don't think it's that clear cut. There are a lot of gamers who have invested massively in WFB and they are right to be angry. Hopefully GW will come to their senses and quickly remidiate the mistakes. Okay, now I am delusional. Kings of War, anyone?

    1. We can only hope. The good thing is that the core rules are digital only and 4 pages long so it would be easy for GW to update them